GOLDBRIDGE Best Bits | Liverpool 0-0 Chelsea

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GOLDBRIDGE Best Bits | Liverpool 0-0 Chelsea

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  1. The constant injuries in attack have made Liverpool predictable this season. Van Dijk being out doesn’t help them either

  2. Making money is an action. Keeping money is a behavior, but "Growing money is wisdom" I figured this out a week ago

  3. Mudryk was decent- he was well able for Milner down the flanks- but he is 37!…..he needs time,…….Liverpool were appauling- what has happened to them… it that they have all just aged and have no legs left.? Chelsea were just a tad better. Brighton could wipe the floor with both of these teams with Mitoma- who scored again today and looked the real deal and cost £2,6 million! Imagine that!

  4. Tod is going to spend another 600 million after this draw for his SOCCER team , Tom Brady is next to pass long to Mudryk

    As a Liverpool fan what is everyones problem with havertz? I predicted him to struggle when he first came to the PL, but honestly i when you really watch him closely in the last games, he barely did something wrong, hold the ball up well, gets involved in little one twos, presses from the front and became more physical. Okay he might not be an out and out striker, but i would take him for liverpool over Gakpo all day long. Also he is more or less in a graveyard shift

  6. How the hell did you make a 9 minute 23 second video out of the complete rubbish that was served up at Anfield today? The 23 seconds would have been too generous.

  7. Liverpool fan here
    Idk what happened to liverpool they were in the ucl final they won both fa and carabao cup and they challenges man city for the league
    I guess we just have to hope for new owners and klopp to re invent this team back to who they were last season😐

  8. Liverpool goal difference is a lie. If you take away that 9 goal win earlier in the season they'd be on 0 goal difference. Liverpools finishing has been terrible.

  9. Chelsea at this point are just here for the wages. Hope they get bled dry and Todd abandons Chelsea. Oh I do pray.

  10. Mudryk getting hyped up due to his performance in this game. I tell you what. If people can't see this game had no bearing on Mudryks ability then they need to follow a new sport. Ffs.

  11. Fuck Loserpool and fuck Chelshit. Wasted 2 hours of my life. Finished clubs, both of them.

  12. I don't understand the comments. I watched the game as a neutral and I was pretty entertained. Back and forth, yes there were no goals, but so what? People just want to sh*t on two teams in a bad phase.

  13. CODY GAKPO, 3 Games For Riverpool & Not Even a Single Goal 😂😂😂🤣😂😂

    KLOPP Thought He was Smart to have Kidnap United’s Potential Signee, The Same As NUNEZ ( Flopperpool ) 😂😂😂

  14. That was genuinely the most depressing match I've watched this season.

    Refund both fans. That wasn't football.

  15. I'm Surprised you Found 9 minutes of Highlights from this Game it was the Boring

  16. tbf if i was part of a team that went after everything under the sun and only missed out by 2 games; i would want to take a year break of just not caring.

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