GCSE 2023 Results Day: When is GCSE 2023 Results Day in Wales? Date and how to appeal your notes

The students in Wales earned their 2023 A-Level results at 8 a.m. local time on Thursday, August 17. Now is the time for General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) results on Results Day, which is next week. Here’s today’s date for the results and how to appeal your scores.

The WJEC (Welsh Joint Education Committee) said: “Results day is a great day for learners, but it’s important to stay relaxed and keep things in perspective. Whether you’re collecting your GCSE or A-level results – remember that you ‘ Several options and routes are available to you, whatever your level!

When is GCSE Results Day 2023 in Wales?

THE GCSE Results Day 2023 will take place in Wales on Thursday 24 August 2023.

How to check GCSE results?

Pupils will need to go to their school to collect their GCSE results.

Students who will also be able to collect their results on Thursday, August 24 are:

Level 1/2 professional awards and certificates
entry level
Level 1 and 2 certificates (Latin and additional mathematics)
Language courses
Skills Challenge Certificate – Welsh Baccalaureate Qualification National/Foundation
Cymraeg Gwaith.

Are GCSE results only available at school?

Yes. If you cannot visit your school on results day (August 24) for your final grades, please contact your school administration for further instructions. You will then be able to find out the results by telephone or by mail.

How do you appeal your GCSE results?

If you think there is an error in the calculation of your GCSE score or if you have doubts about your results, you can appeal your GCSE results. Please contact your school or college administration to find out how to appeal your results.

After the call, how will the GCSE results be reviewed?

The WJEC website adds appeal and exam instructions: “Your school or college may request one of our ‘post-results services’. You must give your school and college permission before ‘they don’t request a post-results service on your behalf.’

There are three post-results services to review your grades. These are:

Access to Scripts: WJEC can provide an electronic copy of your exam papers.
Scoring Review: The WJEC will review the scoring and verify that it was done accurately and according to the rules.
Administrative double check: It will be checked if all the marks have been included in the total and if the total is correct.

After the exam, your school or college can request another exam and appeal on your behalf, the WJEC adds.


Q1: When is GCSE 2023 Results Day in Wales?
General Certificate of Secondary Education or GCSE Results Day 2023 will take place in Wales on Thursday 24th August 2023.

Q2: Is the GCSE only in England?
The GCSE is a university degree obtained in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. While Scottish schools use the Scottish Certificate of Qualificationsome private schools in Scotland use the GCSE system.

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