Football Players, Managers and Legends on Lionel Messi

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Football Players, Managers and Legends on Lionel Messi

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  1. Messi disproves the maxim that hardwork bests talent when talent does not work hard. There is a place for talent in greatness.

  2. Messi is the best, coz when he plays, hes not hurting people intentionally just to score

  3. There are great players, there are hard working players and then there are genetic freaks like Messi.
    I am delighted I have just watched him lift the WC trophy.

  4. It’s always funny when people wanna trashtalk Messi for scoring against weak teams and that pl is harder than laliga but Messi having the best stats vs English teams

  5. To me the Ronaldo/Messi debate is simple. Ronaldo is a natural born athlete, and a great football player. Messi is a natural born football player, and a great athlete. We all like to say hard work is the most important thing, but Messi has something that can't be taught, his IQ and vision, his ball handling instincts are so far above anyone else. He reads a defence so well that it looks like he can see exactly what they're gonna do, combine this with his quickness and suprising physical strength and you have the perfect player.

  6. Messi is the best since the leather game started. He's the best thing to happen to football

  7. I would say that Rronaldo is the strongest – most hardworking mortal…,

    While Messi is simply a DemiGod

  8. I have seen kids in the UK that had that natural talent but they never get into academies or scouted because our system is broken

  9. The only people that can give a good assessment of a player are coaches and players themselves. The comparison of cristiano and Messi should NEVER be made. It is an insult.

  10. the best part of his retirement will surely be the stories that people tell in rememberance of him.

  11. Ronaldo can be ,maybe ,even be the best player in the world…but Messi is out of this world

  12. Bro!!!!! That Comment of Diego Simeone !!!! 💥💥💥 Thats what i call football Knowledge!!!! Amen!!!

  13. Messi is the best false 9 ever, Messi is the best attacking midfield ever, Messi began to play as an magical winger…… What else? The statistics don't lie: the number of goals, assists, cutting through defense passes…. But the most important aspects of his play can't be quantified: the absolutely beautiful football he s playing,his touch,his ball control,his amazing quick decisions on the pitch,his body faints,his ability to be always unpredictable…… I can ad much more qualities,but for everyone who loves football it's clear that Messi is a supreme artist,a real Magician.

  14. Here's the thing, you show people who don't watch football some games that involve Messi and they keep saying how incredible "number 10 for the red and blue team" is. Then you know he's someone special.

    That is what my mom would say. She has watch football with me here and there. She's not a big fan, she just like spending time with me. Now I watch a bit of everything, I have a team I root for in like 4 leagues. But the matches she always got excited for were FCB matches because there was something about Messi that she called magical.

  15. I don't like Messi! He is all messed up in his head and he has small eyes as if he is in some other world, not reality. The world has created a fake hero.

  16. Lionel Messi is the best player to play at the Bernabau, Old Trafford, Emirates and Anfield. For me he is undoubtedly the best player to play the game. Maradona, Zidane, CR7, R9, Cruyff, Zlatan, Pele, Ronaldonho, and even Mbappe + Halaand in the next ten years) no matter who comes into the conversation, he has to be the best. You can look at stats and goals etc but for me what he does on the ball is absolute genius.

  17. Former team mates managers or current players he’s in the team whit pele your old and delusional you cant go from one player the other actual football fans know messi is 10 times better in everything there shouldn’t be a debate ronaldo must be happy to be compared to messi the way messi plays can no one do no one ever did it only maradona but not as consistent as messi so many times ronaldo whiteout goals is useless messi whitout goals makes the team play better that says enough this stat just shows that there shouldn’t be any debate messi has almost 800 goals and 400 assists as a playmaker while ronaldo has 800 goals whit 100 more games go watch football so you ronaldo fans finally understand what messi does is never seen there are 100 players like ronaldo but they never reached his level you cant reach messi’s level

  18. People got to much time to argue in the comments , do something better with your life .
    but Messi the best player btw .

  19. I've been fortunate enough to live through the greatness of Wayne Gretzky, Roger Federer, and Lionel Messi. Each could/ can do things no one could/ can. They saw/ see more than everyone else and had/ have an elegance and grace that gave/ gives an effortless quality to their play.

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