First Time Watching "Neymar Jr" Moments in Football !

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First Time Watching "Neymar Jr" Moments in Football !

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  1. Com uma simples ginga ele muda todo o trajeto do jogo sai do meio de campo direto pro ataque muito decisivo com detalhes rápidos e precisos

  2. O vídeo dos "melhores" momentos do Neymala, o cara só para caindo e de maduro sem nem encostarem, depois não sabe por que ninguém gosta dessa fraude de jogador. Neymar is a fraud.

  3. You guys should watch the movie call city of God. I’m Brazilian dope movie and watch Ronaldo highlights the real Ronaldo R9

  4. Neymar looks like you! Seriously, if you add some stubble, a few neck tattoos and some earrings, you are him! He has the greenish eyes like you too. Definitely more like you than Brock.

  5. The number 10 jersey is special. Pele made it special. Normally, the playmaker of the team wears the 10, in other words, the magician!

  6. Footballers being jealous while playing against neymar jr. bcoz he is known as most skillful player in the world… Thats why they always beat him or being rude with him!🙂

  7. @carterfamily Y'all haven't seen neymar's highlight a player knelt down begging ney not to humiliate him just check it out on YouTube Messi has been my goat since I was 10 but I still like Ronaldo but when it comes to choosing my goat is definitely messi. Messi x Neymar Together watch Their highlights is phenomenon!!

  8. como um cara consegue fazer um vídeo ruim desses sobre o Neymar? o cara fez um vídeo com os piores lances!

  9. First of all, why the hell they put lame ass hiphop trap beat in a soccer/football video? Disgusting 😂😂😂

  10. O que falta é separar a arte do artista. Neymar merece ser lembrado pela sua arte. O artista é outra coisa!

  11. Is that a neymar skill video or roast video bro.. trust me your pro footballers would shake in front of his crazy skills

  12. I don't know why people get mad at him because of the tricks he does. A lot of football players have done the same tricks a lot of times before and they were respected because of this kind of ability. I don't know why football players nowadays get mad at him because of that style of playing. Here, in Brazil, we call this "ability", but in other countries, they call this play "disrespectful". For me, this is the beauty of football. Now, football is getting boring because we don't see many of these types of football players anymore, showmen.
    The worst thing is that the players get violent, this is so anti-professional.

  13. If Ney doesnt finish 1st or atleast second in the balandor this year imma lose my shit. Ur right they dont fouñ messi with the same intent they wanna stop messi they wanna hurt neymar!! Its sad refs aren’t more harsh on the intentional shit. They know too!!

  14. Have these guys seen Sergio Ramos or Pepe 😂😂😂 they thought Neymar was getting hits 😂😂😂

  15. o ney é bom demais, só que a galera superestima muito o cara, chegam até a desconsiderar alguns (ex)j ogadores br que fizeram/fazem coissa pra caralho ou depositar a responsa todas nas costas do cara, como se ele fosse o único que movimentasse o jogo

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