FIFA 23 Barcelona Career Mode EP1…

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FIFA 23 Barcelona Career Mode EP1…

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  1. Pens @nd new corners @nd @lso free kicks are way way harder and more scientific then FIFA 22 i kinda like it except it’s really hard

  2. Does anyone realize that S2G bought Kessie from AC Milan in an old Barca career mode and now Kessie has signed for them?

  3. when u come back after 3 weeks and realize that the el classico actually ended like that

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  5. Malo Gusto or preferrably Vanderson is best for that long term RB role. Both insanely talented young prospects who already have lots of game time in a top league.

  6. I think you should sign Jacob Ramsey from villa or wherever he is because he has high potential and is young and decently high rated

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