Even Sir Andy Murray is a target for those who hate short-sighted wealth.

Despite his old age, he was as sharp as a thumbtack when he remembered his exploits during the First World War. World War and he was one of only five survivors of the conflict in the world.

During the conversation, I asked him about a highway project in France that was to be built on one of the bloodiest battle sites in the country, in which Mr. Anderson had fought.

Was it a mistake, I asked, and should it remain forever as an untouched war grave?

Son (at the age of 108, virtually everyone is a son), he replied, if you want to stop progress to preserve the past, then there was no point in us all being there in reality.

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It’s a sentiment that’s as true today as it was for the Black Watch veteran back then, and comes amid two ongoing conflicts in the country. Scotland on developments.

In the picturesque Perthshire village of Kenmore, all hell has broken loose following the £300million redevelopment of nearby Taymouth Castle by US property firm Discovery Land Company (DLC).

A protest group has campaigned against proposals for the 450-acre Perthshire estate – but the local community council says local residents are broadly supportive of the plans.

The DLC website indicates that these proposals include the restoration of the castle and Golf course, the construction of 167 new houses and the development of a landscaped park and woods.

DLC bought the chateau in 2018 and has been buying land and businesses nearby ever since.

These include the Kenmore Hotel and the Village Store, both under renovation, as well as cottages for estate staff.

But the other international DLC developments, which they call “worlds”, have the protest group Protect Loch Tay worried.

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These “worlds” are exclusive deals in places like Dubai, the Hamptons in New York and Barbuda in the West Indies. DLC describes them as “private residential club communities”, but insists that Taymouth will not be a gated community.

However, Protect Loch Tay are concerned that the developer is creating a private millionaire resort and are also concerned about access rights and the local situation. environment.

Rob Jamieson of the protest group said: “Doors don’t have to be physical. This can be blocked simply by excluding everyone from their place.

The Protect Loch Tay petition calling for a halt to all further and future development has attracted almost 150,000 signatures. In a village of only 200 inhabitants, this is quite an extraordinary figure.

The campaign group says they come from people with local roots, visiting the area or simply “love Scotland”.

Now, I really like Scotland too, but I recognize that in order to preserve fragile rural communities, jobs must be created to keep young people in the region so that it can continue to thrive.

Without young people, every community will eventually wither and die – and that must not happen. So when a development like this happens, it should be welcomed.

Perhaps protesters would rather walk past a ruined castle than see it fully renovated and brought back into use – even if the visitors are very wealthy.

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But what they forget is that several hundred employees will be needed to work at the resort, providing real opportunities for young locals, who will then spend their earnings on other local businesses.

Of course, none of this matters to people who have an ideological hatred of rich people and are deeply suspicious of their motives, regardless of the seemingly obvious benefits.

Even Sir Andy Murray is not immune to this, as evidenced by a row over chalets at his luxury hotel Cromlix House, near his hometown of Dunblane.

Murray and his wife Kim have won several awards for the hotel, which champions local produce and employs local staff.

There’s no better ambassador for the city than the two-time Wimbledon champion and he deserves credit for giving something back.

But Kathryn Grant, from Falkirk, told her local newspaper after the plans were approved this week: ‘For a couple whose combined wealth is estimated at over £130m, they know the price of everything but the value It was nothing.

“Come next tennis major, I would definitely cheer for “Anyone but Andy”.

By showcasing its wealth, it tells you everything you need to know.

Did she think he put his body on the line by playing tennis for free? At least he’s using his gains as a beneficial force and should be supported rather than heckled.

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