Erling Haaland’s Cousin is INSANE

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Erling Haaland’s Cousin is INSANE

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  1. Yeah but he’s in a different league, with o,Ayer’s his age. Haaland is playing against top tier players

  2. When I played in the Dana Cup those Norwegian teams were just different 😅 every touch with purpose and finesse, height, speed, etc. Greatest football experience of my life but those kids are coming to professional age now

  3. Get a life and stop watching other people live their dreams. Start living your own life and stop wasting it on this stupid platform. The world needs you to get your shit together. Stop fucking around and live your life becuse hell is coming for you get busy living or get busy dying. Come on people for fuck sake you are the next generation most of you. Are you going to be the generation that fucks this world get your shit together now.
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  4. he has 9 goals in 22 games. did he score those goals in a youth league? I played against a kid who was just as good. where did you get your numbers from?

  5. That`s just made up. He played the reserves for Molde and Bryne in third Norwegian league (amateurs, basically) and scored 12 goals in 17 matches in two years.
    Nice guy though.

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