EPIC Barcelona Food Tour (10 AWESOME Stops!)

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EPIC Barcelona Food Tour (10 AWESOME Stops!)

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  1. I loved making this EPIC food tour video! And my god I was stuffed by the end! Which of the 10 stops do you most want to visit? 🥂🥂

  2. We went to 3 of the places in this video. 2 were great. One was fun but some of the food was just alright. Great recommendations though & enjoyed going to the not so touristy places. Great videos

  3. Excelente video, excelente trabajo. Vivo cerca de Barcelona y este video es un lujo para todos vuestros seguidores. Estáis muy bien informados. A seguir, chicos!

  4. I don't know how your not fat trying all that good food. Saludos de La Gata 😽♥️

  5. And in the US feed companies make pellets of mix grounded municipal wastes with grounded used plastics to feed cows, pigs and chicken watched on TV.

  6. I want to go to Spain so badly but dear lord I hate most seafood. I will get by. Thanks for these videos!

  7. DISCLAIMER! Can Ramonet is not the same. Me and my friends went there today and it was horrible!

  8. There are three stops that I miss from your video, one is "Terraza Martínez" (best paella in the city) the other is "Bar Cañete" (wonderful tapas) and the third one is Sagardi Argentería (the best chuletón T-bone in town) 😉

  9. It’s amazing how you can still run a business while drinking so much alcohol 😉🤣

  10. Just returned from a 5 day visit to Barcelona and this video made our trip spectacular. While we were waiting for our hotel room, we went gave chocolate and churros at z as place across the street. We visited Can Ramonet and had fideuá and the bomba. My husband also had to get a porrón for us to have the authentic experience. We also brought home lots of kodols at Casa Gispert for our son to steal from us and try to eat them all. We intend go back and visit Madrid and the Northern region and will use your videos as guides

  11. (Spanish) ¿Conoces esta verdad?

    1. Las nubes del cielo de todo el mundo son

    bajando a la tierra cada día más.

    2. El sol y la luna en el cielo son superlunas y

    super sol todos los dias.

    3. Si observa de cerca el amanecer y el atardecer,

    puedes ver el cielo rosado.

    4. Los componentes químicos de Chemtrail se pulverizan

    como loco en el cielo de todo el mundo.

    5. Si miras de cerca la luna ahora, la luna está girando.

  12. Thank you so much, James. You made my Barcelona experience amazing by posting these amazing videos. Mucho gracias!!!

  13. La Covada Fumada 2019 July with my son ( age 14 at the time) was the best standing at the bar eating drinking. Its a memory we have of Barcelona that stands out!

  14. THANKYOU so much for your fascinating food tour. I’m from Scotland and on holiday with my 13 year old daughter. I was keen not to fall into tourist traps and try to give her an authentic Barcelona experience. I visited 3 of these food stops and wow were they amazing. I live how you added the history and culture of these places. Your enthusiasm is brilliant!

  15. 10. Can Ramonet – nothing special and overpriced , you can get similar quality food for 1/2 price or even less

  16. Pienso igual que Yoly. Me gusta mucho la paella pero una buena fideuà con su allioli…..mmmm

  17. We were in Barcelona recently and we found great restaurants in a very interesting neighborhoods 🙂 one of them was Cera 23!!!! Anyone in Barcelona or visiting, please oh please go try that restaurant!!! You won't be sorry! It's fine dining and amazing menu. If you want to splurge a little, but not too expansive, specially if you are from US or England.

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