Enzo Fernández 2022/23 ● Welcome to Chelsea 🔵🇦🇷

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Enzo Fernández 2022/23 ● Welcome to Chelsea 🔵🇦🇷

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  1. He might struggle at Chelsea, he appears to play forwards and not the obligatory 35 passes from side to side !

  2. What about Zakharyan?! I like Enzo too! But don't know his highlights were too good, you know Chelsea usually do good with not so popular or underrated players and they usually go on to be magician

  3. Enzo ain't worth even $40m + let alone 100. World cup was Messi's trophy. I believe Amrabat is even better and the value is more realistic.

  4. Enzo will be a breath of fresh air that the midfield needs about time we invested in this area been too long

  5. Add carlos alcaraz,Lavia romeo caicedo to that midfield. Get malo gusto or Pedro porro from sporting Lisbon to compete with reece James. Winger and a striker in the summer

  6. Chelsea buying the league yawn . Respect to 'Pool, Newcastle and Arsenal for trying to do it the right way

  7. Good player, but did he really stand out in the world cup, watch Argentina I didn't think so

  8. A player like that you have to stay close and tight to do not give hime range off pass and stop short movements

  9. Sometimes World cup overinflate players. Dude is awesome but he's not worth 120 mill. Hope he makes the money count. Wish him luck in his new home

  10. Chelsea may as well sign Fabregas again, he's twice the player. This guy will flop

  11. The guy is good. But that price is way higher than him.
    To me, any amount higher than 60 million is too much for him.
    There is nothing really special about him.

  12. Our forwards need to time their runs for Enzo to find them, he's got an amazing ability to put the ball between the defenders and the keeper

  13. Ojalá se de que Enzo vaya al chelsea, sería muy bueno verlo junto a kante y havertz pero, creo que deberían invertir en llevarse a Marcelo Gallardo como dt, el actual dt del chelsea no sirve para nada

  14. Great player. I hope My club Chelsea won't ruin him like they've consistently done in the past. Potter needs the booted asap. Can't develop this guy

  15. Chelsea need Mount – Kone – Enzo for midfielder (It will create a lot of creativity) CAM Harvertz, Kone can be long term replacement for Kante, then get Pedro Porro for Right Back, We need James backup ASAP, what if we get Mudryk hmm i really wanted him too he is not so tall like leao for a winger just nice height to run inside the box, Omari Hutchinson backup for sterling, Striker or Forward Datro Fofana/Nkunku, Colwill,Fofana, Badiashile and Chalobah current and future CB

  16. none of his creativity will matters if we dont have runners or movement in the box..this has been one of our problem for some time

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