€1BILLION for Cristiano Ronaldo’s feet #shorts

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€1BILLION for Cristiano Ronaldo’s feet #shorts

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Weston McKennie – on loan at Leeds United from Juventus – tells a story about Cristiano Ronaldo saying his feet are worth one …
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  1. One fact most of these young younglins don't know was that , Real Madrid insured Ronaldo's feet for a 100 million when they signed him

  2. It was just a comeback and y’all saying “ eGo or cOcKy” it was a joke guys even though they are worth a billion euros

  3. if that was said by zlatan .
    cr7 hater + zlatan fans + messi fans : omg he is so funny , omg he is so savage🤡 , zlatan didnt say that , his feet said that zlatan is worth more than 1 billion 🤡💩absolute clowns

  4. Damn lol similar story happened with me when I was 8
    My sis and his friends were mocking me cuz of my dirty feet and then I told them "These legs are gonna be worth a billion pounds 1 day" now I'm 16 and still trynna figure out shit

  5. I love how everyone is calling Ronaldo's words ego but they can't give their feet(amputation) for €1 billion

  6. imagine playing professional football and being on the top for 22 years. you expect him to have clean girls feet??? lmaooo you sure must have pretty feet mcknnie enjoy your feet

  7. Those Feets Hv Earned him a 503 Goalscoring Record
    Did wht he said come out a bit stretched? definitely! But is he wrong? Not Entirely

  8. Life is unfair. This pipsqueak played with Ronaldo and even talked shit about his feet

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