Del Piero on Juventus situation

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Del Piero on Juventus situation

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  1. the destiny of this club is Serie B, where you belong. Having said that, massive respect for Del Piero. True Legend on and off the pitch.

  2. Alessandro Del Piero should not get involved in Juventus management as I'm afraid they'd drag him into something that could tarnish his reputation. Alex stay out of it please

  3. If you ask the question… let's people finishing the can he finish your answer…?? You Always interupt him…

  4. I'm not a Juventus fan but my god this man ( Del piero) truly loved and well respected by everyone

  5. Del Piero,the good guy that the most cheating team in football history made him become an Avenger ,with Vialli e co. , using doping.

  6. If board members are found to have been breaking the law to secure signings, then YES it will effect the team. Relegation maybe not, but surely given their track record massive punishments.

  7. I’m not a Juve fan by any stretch, but Serie A is at its best when ALL of the 7 sisters are healthy and competing for the Scudetto.

  8. I grew up watching Del Piero captain the amazing Juve team of the early 2000's. Was an absolute joy watching him play. Has always been my fav player!

  9. Man would love to see del Piero back at juventus. Clearly shows he loves the club. Hope he gets to become president of juve and get juve to the top again

  10. the fact that Alex Del Piero, the man, the Juventus embodiment in person is not part of the Juventus board all these years just prove something is wrong with Juventus board, and it's prove right, Maldini, Totti, Zanetti all of them get place in their team board, it's just doesn't make sense.

  11. What do you think Del piero he's going to say he just admit he has it in the blood . Is sad but always them this time they have to pay . Let's not even talk about the fair play financially always spending more than other teams to win win the champions league

  12. Del Piero new CEO. Guy will be left in complete chaos as the walls cave in on him. Everyone knows there has been financial irregularities and Juventus are in enormous trouble.

  13. I remember delpiero banging in goals left right and centre from outside the box with either foot. What a magisterial player in his days …

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