Days of Our Lives actress Harley Quinn was 67

Arleen Sorkin, the original voice and inspiration behind the DC Comics character harley quinn, is dead. She was 67 years old.

Her death was confirmed to USA TODAY on Sunday by Christopher Silbermann, the agent for Sorkin’s husband, producer and writer Christopher Lloyd. The actress died of multiple sclerosis.

“We will always remember our dear Arleen for her immense generosity of spirit,” Sorkin’s family said in a statement. “Talented, yes, and tenacious too, as evidenced by her tenacious decades-long battle with a terrible disease. But more than that, she was a loving presence in the lives of her two boys, Eli and Owen, her mother Joyce and of her mother, brothers Robert and Arthur, as well as the countless other children, young and old, whom she has taken under her beautiful wing over the years.”

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