Davina McCall opens up about addiction and sobriety

At the time, Davina was living in a small room at her parents’ house, sleeping on a cot with no money in her name.

She then says, “An hour later, I wake up and I think, ‘I’m going to call someone for help. I’m fucked. I can’t do this anymore.'”

LONDON, ENGLAND – OCTOBER 14: Davina McCall attends Good Housekeeping Live event celebrating 100 years of magazine, in partnership with Dyson on October 14, 2022 in London, England. (Photo by Mike Marsland/Getty Images for Good Housekeeping Live)Mike Marsland/Getty Images

She adds: “I phoned this woman who I knew was clean and it was as if she was waiting for my call. She says ‘Oh hi Davina’. And I thought, ‘I was just wondering if you’re going to a meeting tomorrow?’ She’s like ‘Yeah yeah, I’m going there at six o’clock… come meet me there. Come if you want.

Davina says, “She didn’t ask me what was going on, she didn’t ask, which was exactly right.”

Davina says she visited her friend the next day at work and said, “I don’t expect you to believe me and I know I’m going to have to prove myself but I just wanted to let you know that I want to change and I want to do something about it and I’m going to a meeting tonight.

Davina says she went to a meeting that night and “spent the next two weeks going to meetings every day and for 90 days afterward, sobbing, sobbing at every meeting, of abandonment.”

She says “N / A (Narcotics Anonymous) taught me how to live, change and heal myself, I owe my life to NA, literally. But it also gave me my career.

Davina says she tried unsuccessfully to get a job at MTV “while I used, all these years, the time they say to come for an interview… after three years of trying, I was sober for six months . And I didn’t spoil it.”

She says, “You know, I got there on time…early, which was new to me. I arrived clean and smelling of flowers, with a smile on my face and color on my cheeks.

If you or someone you know has a drug addiction, go to Narcotics Anonymous UK for more information on the help available. ukna.org. For more honest help and advice on drugs and addiction, go to talktofrank.com. For up-to-date information on drugs and alcohol, visit drugwise.org.uk.

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