David Beckham Top 50 Unreal Passes

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David Beckham Top 50 Unreal Passes

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  1. People says de bruyne , iniesta and ozil were best passers but fuck them …beckham is on another level 😤

  2. I actually think beckham is massively underrated due to him being more of a celebrity! What a player

  3. I don't understand the cross at 10:04 . What kind of vision is this? He is going to bend it around a guy so far away. Unbelievable.

  4. Honestly never see football like this anymore. A lot more passing in small spaces. Not saying better or worse, just different. Look at how many times the real madrid players had their hands up and were ready to make runs at ridiculous distances by todays standards. Just don't see it anymore. I don't even think players are equipped to deliver crosses and passes like that.

  5. It's not just his passing accuracy, but the fact he can see from afar, often blocked by horizontal view by other players, yet he knew where his teammate is and timed it perfectly so no other player except his teammate can receive it. And that's y he's a legend

  6. Talent is not enough to do what you saw in this clip. You must dream it. This is what a genius does. The most underrated footballer of all times.

  7. people between Beckham and strikers "seem like another easy day at work, just watching the ball fly over"

  8. Beckhs actually joined madrid when he was dropping from his prime. In 2002 I as a Manchester United fan knew that he should move on. He had 1 good season with madrid as the beckhs we know. Then it all dipped



  10. all the hype on KDB overrated ass he beadly scratches the surfaces of beckham category let alone his level beckham the greatest midfielder to grace the premier league by far only one who could come close was fabregas well that's my opinion

  11. Becks would position that ball so perfectly you'd just need to tap the ball with your head and it's in…

  12. Becks was a master passer. Being an United fan for years I know people still gush about Scholes and that how good a passer he was. But I would give it to Becks. His passing range was out of this world and that he proved his mettle at United, Madrid, Milan and LA Galaxy.

  13. The man was unreal, lil kids pays attention to goals men knows midfielder that commands the ⚽️ is a key

  14. Es mi Ídolo! Yo por el le pego al balon como le pego. Tome su técnica como referencia hoy en día soy un crack para mandar pases largos! Y precisos

  15. Unlike today's players Ronaldo, Neymar, Messi plus many others I don't think Becks dived.

  16. That's why the phenomenon mention having becks make his finishing easier as 90% it lands at his feet

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