David Beckham Hits Back At Unprofessional Donovan (12-07-09)

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David Beckham Hits Back At Unprofessional Donovan (12-07-09)

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  1. @chicanocalifas

    that is thanks to him playing america not just cause he plays for galaxy. even if he went to DC. United they would probably be the same.

    he is a walking money making machine. becks is not only profiting from this but so is galaxy. dont be suprised if becks buys galaxy

  2. @chicanocalifas

    the clubs not paying him 50 million. the club is only paying him 6.5 million the rest is from t-shirt sales and many endorsement as well as perfumes and modeling he is doing.

  3. @francisakrawi So has Beckham..And something different between the two about europe was that Beckham did good and donovan didn't

  4. @chicanocalifas Eh who cares. Look at this if you were on the galaxy and you could go to Ac Milan would you? I know I would

  5. Fuck Beckham. Cocky prick. I dont give a fuck who he played for. Landon all the way.

  6. @DaKoolKatFTW Man U's 3rd tier w/ a couple 2nd tier teamsters (which, btw, still isnt all that bad considering that these are warm ups for Man U, and MLS is well into season so they do have better chemistry n arguably form) isnt that hard to believe. and im sorry, but Argentina is not better than Man U. Tina's Defense is appauling and Rooney, Berbatov, Macheda, Welbeck, Chicharito would rip them apart (i believe Havier already did a month or so back). Man City is a top 3/4/5 team in EPL no?

  7. Anyone foolish to think that USA (an international squad) is better than Barcelona is out of their mind. Croatia isnt better than Maresille, Denmark isnt better than Inter Milan, Uruguay isnt better than Bayern Munich, Argentina isnt better than Man United/City you put any top tier club from any of the big 5 clubbing countries, maybe even the likes of portugal and brazil can be added to that list, against an international squad that isnt Germany, Holland or Spain, theyll have all types of issues

  8. @JayfuzOMarley Yes it does he was one of the top players why do you hate on USA so much WWII? anyway League teams arentnothing compared to international teams

  9. @darealkg12 this geeza doesnt have a clue what he is on about. HAHA just continue with your "soccer" ok mate.

  10. donovan should not be allowed to say Beckham's name because Beckham is out of his league he will never be as good as Beckham

  11. Ken, if you watch soccer, then you would know that donovan is kicking ass at Everton…Regardless of the fact that the MLS is sub-par in comparison to EPL or serie A, beckham made a commitment to a team and broke that commitment by signing with milan ensuring the fact that he'll miss half a season with MLS!!.Donovan took a loan with Everton but will be back 2 weeks before MLS kickoff…Beckham is an ass in my opinion..he obviously only wants to play on winning teams!

  12. Thats why Everton came over here to get whoop against a second class players….Stupid azz Beckham came over here just to fertilize the field with his crapp….Because he could not play for SHIT…


  14. @ahlabijmal Yeah he need to go back to MILAN STAY THERE here in MLS we do not need that TWAT…

  15. @KenElizabeth1824 Your dumb bitch….Did Bekham whoop Portugal at 19…? Donovan at 19 shake the world of soccer….Beckham shroud stay with the UNDERWEAR MODELING….MLS COWBOYS SHOW HIM THE REALITY….

  16. Take it easy fellows, Mr Donovan is a good player too, and i can say both of them are good but yeah Mr Donovan made a mistake of making a bad comments so it might be carried out of frustrations. Mr Beckham has well experienced to ignore this stuff, he knows how to get along, and he's a lege in football.

    -Peace Fellows

  17. two wanks – one of them bein an overrated metrosexual with a paranoid broad and an anonymous player both playing for an obscure team in a diddy league

  18. Donovan sucks, he was to bad for munich and europe… Beckham played in europe for years!

  19. donovan needs to shut his mouth!!! bloody americans don't know shit about football, beckham knows his stuff, played with big teams with big managers, dononvan…….actually i dnt know anything about him, thats how shit he is.

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