David Beckham Classic Blue Fragrance Review (2014)

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David Beckham Classic Blue Fragrance Review (2014)

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  1. Just ordered 90ml of this one. Looking forward to try it! Great review as always 👍

  2. Been watch you for years had to sub because of this fragrance….no one else had a full review …bought this for $14.99usd

  3. Dear plz do you tell me,which flavour are great on the proffession sector in the David beckhum sprays??

  4. It was very good and gentle!
    Thank you brother for all your reviews we appreciate it.
    Peace, Ehsan

  5. Nice review. If this classic blue is it better than David off cool water in terms of smell and long lasting? Thank you.

  6. Hi Joy bhai…. You actually made me to buy this. I ordered a bottle and waiting for its delivery. You are one of my favourite YouTube reviewers. I check your review before buying a cologne. I absolutely agree with you on Nautica Voyage. I fell for the hype and got it, it turned out too salty. Please suggest me a fragrance on the lines of Blue de chanel but under 30 USD, which performs in Indian weather.

  7. I was going to purchase Azzaro Chrome Legend based on your review but u changed my decision when I saw your review of this fragrance and I went for DB Classic Blue. Its a very good scent and lasts quite a decent amount of time (at least 4 to 5 hrs)

  8. Great review mate.. i got it.. love this u r right.. its clean fresh. Just wana check hw long its gonna last.. i admire ur presentation

  9. I remember when I had Instinct. It was my 1st ever real fragrance, after Intesa EDT (good old days). I used to wear it for college; received pretty good compliments as well … I really like it; contemplating on re-buying it …

    cool video, btw .. as usual …

  10. Great video! I have a question. Have you found any clones of Le Male other than the Cuba brand kind? I was wondering if you knew of any. Much appreciated and keep making those vids!

  11. I love bad marketing, cheaper prices for us. You shouldn't pay more than $15 for big bottles of Beckham, that's the discount price. They're pooping them out like there's no tomorrow hoping for suckers to pay too much, that's their selling strategy. I don't mind the 90ml because I don't pay retail 😋

  12. Nice review. Looking for a nice freshie for the summer. This might be the one. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

  13. I have this frag ! It smells really nice but unfortunately on my skin it comes off too sharp 🙁

  14. Very nice review bro 😉.Joy,,,you know Halloween man Shot? it's delicious with notes of daiquiri cocktail,iris,vanilla,,,check It!!!

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