Crystal Palace 1-2 Chelsea | Match Highlights

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Crystal Palace 1-2 Chelsea | Match Highlights

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  1. You know what I think maybe a red card ♦️ will disorganize the match.and You may not understand that.

  2. how was that not a red for thiago! he even looks before he swats it away! sorry palace that you guys did'nt win 🙁

  3. I support Chelsea, but crystal palace won this game. Thiago knows better than what he did. Karma is a mirror.

  4. As a Brighton fan, I have to admit that that Gallagher is really underrated and has a great future ahead of him. Cant wait to see his prime

  5. Nobody seems to notice Big Pat has spent a lot of money & not achieved anything yet ?
    Not sure what will happen if we're still down there in 2 months.
    Roy's "mid table mediocrity" is looking appealing

  6. How is that not a straight red card for Thiago Silva? The other way around, a Crystal Palace player would be sent off, no Var, no hesitation.

  7. Blue is the Colour. football is the game. We are all together and winning is our aim. So cheer our song for the sun and rain cause Chelsea, Chelsea is our name!!! Thank you Mr Gram Potter and Chelsea!

  8. A big big win for Chelsea and Potter, but still uncomfortable win for them, they need to mix something and do at their finishing abilities if they want to improve, they are lacking at the back too, but they have times to fix this I think

  9. 'Denial of a goalscoring opportunity' No he was miles out wide with a defender covering.
    Denied a possible crossing opportunity at best.
    Possibly a free kick for fouling Silva in the first place? It's why we love VAR.

  10. This boy has become a Man! He proved to the whole world and Chelsea that he is ready to win. With love from Russia.

  11. Good game for Chelsea today… We played well and scoring a last minute goal sealed the deal… But there are some few things to talk about today's game which is improper… First of all, we all know that Thiago supposed to get a red card due to him being the last man and also a handball being seen there… Despite me being a Chelsea fan, I cant overlook these kind of things, Thiago should have been sent off. The worst part of it is the fact it went straight to VAR. Sometimes I don't know who makes use of the VAR these days… Secondly, who in the world acknowledges of a free kick in the penalty box? This is just utter madness… Referees these days are just bunch of baboons… We were just lucky to get the win today… But we will perform better in Stamford Bridge against AC Milan… Up Blues 💙💙

  12. We played very well, we didn't deserve to lose, loss difficult to take etc etc etc. Isn't everybody getting tired with this? Over and over what the result should b rather than what it is? Please don't play well, play awful, kick the knees of the opponents…but please, can we win some matches? Ugly, I don't care. It's looking like past season, we finished with half of the points we 'deserved' maybe bring back Pullis Hodgson ideas and stop the 'jogo bonito' and ask 'how we can we win this match 11 at the back? So it be

  13. Gallagher did not celebrate his first Chelsea goal out of respect. That's a great player in making

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