Cristiano Ronaldo vs Al Fateh | 2023

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Cristiano Ronaldo vs Al Fateh | 2023

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  1. Good performance???🤑🤑🤑🤣🤣🤣😂😂. Lost the ball so many times, how to lead the team 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂🤑🤑🤑

  2. His work-rate though, very impressed. He is playing more like his younger self, where he used to take defenders on. It's soothing. He is home.

  3. al hilal just won fifa club world final and we will play against real madrid in the final. so anyone still wants to claim that ronaldo went to saudi and saudi is all about camel league or how psg was not trying against al nassr? because now al hilal might be the world champion club soon

  4. For anyone interested, I simulated Cristiano's career on Football Manager 2005, it was an interesting journey, he played for some different clubs including Deportivo La Coruna! See the full story on YouTube below

  5. Bit sad watching him play for a shite team in a league no one will ever care about – the power of money 💸💰

  6. He only scored one goal but Ronaldo is still a superstar and game changer. Saudi Arabia is very lucky to have him playing in their league and he did play well in this match 👍

  7. So… I'm wondering, where is Ronaldo playmaking skills?

    Ronaldo fanbois claim that Ronaldo playmaking skills better than Messi, KDB, Modric, Ozil, Iniesta…

  8. Tuvo mucha participación en el juego y calidad, estoy conformes por esta vez peor quiero mas goles mas drible, The Best Player Soccer

  9. I hate Ronaldo but judging from the highlights that was probably his best game for them… kept it simple… no stupid backhills and scored a goal

  10. Here we go again ronaldo the most selfish player in the world destroying the dynamic of a team that did great before he arrived. Force feeding the cry baby the ball. Turing real teams into individuals. RIP Al- Nassr

  11. There were tremendous bad things happened on him last year….luckily he handled pressure well so we can still see him playing on the pitch. He is still recovering from his personal life, the betrayal of the club and National team. Please give him a break and let him play for his fans. I feel sad everytime I see him under lots of pressure on his face. But he will get through it bcoz he is my Cr7❤

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