Cristiano Ronaldo Showed LEVELS to MNM!

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Cristiano Ronaldo Showed LEVELS to MNM!

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  1. Ronaldo had a more difficult career than Messi. (changes of clubs, he hasn't always played with the best, his knee injury constraining him from year to year) but if he had the same career as Messi, I'm sure he would blow it up and the debate wouldn't would never have existed

  2. The world of football is so weird right now, saying that ronaldo is finished after an incredible season in the premier league with manchester united, literally carrying the team on his back at 37,and teams and coaches say they dont want to sign him bcz he is old and finished and then teams are paying 100 million euros for players like mudryk, antony and enzo fernandez ?! And bellingham is worth 200 million ?! No disrespect they are very good players but if you add all their numbers combined they wouldnt reach ronaldo's last season, wich is said to be one of his worst. Honestly if any young player now played half as good or did half if what ronaldo did last season the whole world would be talking about the next wonder kid and ready to pay top dollar for him, and all of those players, their best season ever, their best possible career, mark my words wont even come close to ronaldo's best year or career, and they wouldnt give those teams more than a couple of good seasons max, so why is tonaldo finished when he obviously can still perform for 3 years and the others called the future of football, it just does not make any sense at all, even his shape is better than them, his price is lower, his wages were acceptable, honestly pogba wasnt playing a hzlf decent pass in man united the last couple of years and he was payed a fortune, as for his attitude dont even get me started, ive seen players do a lot worse, the last of wich is what messi did against netherlands and the way he talked about barcelona before he left, saying they had no ambition and all that, if ronaldo did half of that he would get so much hate you wouldnt believe. I am simply amazed by all this. Ronaldo is the GOAT and nothing will ever change that, again, thank you legasus for your constant support of this legend

  3. Just give him this time the one he play against psg and then he can play is game, the nassar time needs a lot of work a lot…….

  4. There was video where I saw how Ronaldo hurt himself in a play, but none of his teammates came and checked on him, while here they checked on him if he were okay.
    That’s the difference .

  5. 6 years without winning a champions League
    -6 years without winning a ballon d'or
    -8 years without winning a golden boot
    -4 goals in 10 months
    -He destroyed Juve
    -Destroyed Manchester United
    -He is about to destroy Al Nassr, today was the first step in leaving them out of the Super Cup
    -he lived 9 years living off the passes of kroos modric casemiro bale and Marcelo to make his treats
    -Does not create game
    -He just do tapins
    -He spends all his time standing in the 18 yard box
    We are living in the era of the most cold-chested player in the history of football, in the era of Mr. Destroy teams 🇵🇹🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶

  6. He is got zero ginga style in him, look at messi for a second please and then comment.

    His style is boring regardless how many fancy titles he won😂😂

  7. No hate to Ronaldo. He is a legend and one of the greatest to play football, but this 3:53 is what charity matches are about, Navas could easily take it but he let it go in. Sadly to see a legend fading off. Prolly will be a very good coach tho

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