Cristiano Ronaldo ●King Of Dribbling Skills● Man United

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Cristiano Ronaldo ●King Of Dribbling Skills● Man United

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  1. Been trying to compare the dribbling skills between CR7 and R9. without a doubt, R9 is just on another league of his own. CR7 not even close.

  2. He is almost always this poor throughout his whole career. The most overrated player ever in the entire history of world football. Dribbling success rate is close to 1%/100 throughout his whole career, including when he was young. Absolute camper in the box only. Throughout all the years plays ALL the minutes of matches he started due to being overrated and due to previously there are only 3 subs instead of 5 subs per match. Haaland plays only half his minutes and score almost double of him by minutes played and score a few times more than cr7 judging by per total given chances. CR7 takes enormous amounts of penalties (scored 12 penalties in a single la Liga season), and enormous amounts of tap ins (3/4 of his goals). Takes almost all the shots of the entire team expecting everyone in the team to feed the ball to him to shoot. All along have extremely world class players selflessly sacrificing their due credit to him. Real Madrid would have won more La Liga titles and won by all record points if not because of him. His conversion success rate all along is extremely low against the total no of shots he takes. Lewandowski would have outscored double of him if Lewan is still at prime age of CR7 real Madrid years and if Lewan is provided with all the above same conditions as him

  3. This Video Shows the terrific transition that has occurred from being a pacey player with an incredible footwork and focusing on doing skills to mind blow the spectators to a Complete Striker, His one and only duty is to score goals from the slightest chance given to him and to help the team achieve crucial victories. This video also proves that Cristiano is a very mature football player to have the right mentality in order to alter his Playing Style to have a more consistent career.

  4. Mito, sou muito feliz por ter acompanhado o maior duelo de todos os tempos do futebol: CR7 x Messi, o mais alto nível de futebol que já existiu. De um lado, o maior driblador e mais raçudo da história, de outro lado, o jogador mais completo, inteligente e disciplinado que já existiu.

  5. I think a huge part of the problem people have with Ronaldo is total jealousy. I mean he's without parallel as an athlete plus he's a huge figure in the eyes of women. Plus most men would give anything to be him. It explains alot of some of the hostility towards him. He's the greatest of all time like it or not. The pace of the man is extraordinary. Most if not all other players struggle to even keep up. I would say he is the goat and greater than even Pele. I'm not really a football fan. Nor do I wish to play football. I just enjoy watching or listening to supreme performers such as heifetz ,nijinsky , and here Ronaldo. He's a joy to watch because his playing is absolutely bristling with energy and his pace is awesome. A true superman of the sport. My hat goes off to you genius.

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