Chelsea's AWFUL start to 2023 .EXE 😂

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Chelsea's AWFUL start to 2023 .EXE 😂

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  1. 2:11
    he celebrates like that bc of a Brazilian Youtuber that nade a creer mode on Napoli back in FIFA 19
    he was in their team with a pic that looked like he was hitting a pose (and the pic wasn't even from him)
    since he started using him in the main 11 and hitting the mbappe pose, Vinícius made irl too

  2. The Pokemon Music from Driftveil City😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂❤️❤️ love it. 1min 40 something.

  3. If Potter can just stop playing Havertz as a striker and put actual strikers up front then most of our problems will be solved

  4. well they sacked tuchel, they sacked granovskaia and they replaced abramovich with a new stupid micro managing owner with no football competence whatsoever. atleast abramovich did not intervene all the time. mourinho sums it up perfectly – "please mr. abramovich be quiet and just pay". thats how a club should run. a person in charge with competence. chelsea is like a headless chicken.

  5. Once they got Zidani or someone like that, they’ll be scary as hell. Next year they won’t have CL to worry about so they’ll have everything in place to fight for the league (at least in theory).

  6. Joao Felix be like:”Isn’t this England I thought their were brexit tackles”

  7. Did the other Chelsea "awful start" video get deleted/taken down? I loved that video 😭😭

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