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Source: Rory Jennings

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  1. Chelsea lose with Potter, Potter out.
    Chelsea lose with Lampard, it’s all the players’ fault, no spirit, lacklustre performances 😴

  2. We lose every throw in ball we take. Our free kicks suck! Every one is off target and sails over the crossbar. Enzo had a terrible game against Real. James showed no energy down the side line, always backwards. Felix continues to kick the ball straight at the goalkeeper. Only bright spot was Kante. Don’t get me started on Chilwell. Why give him a new contact, he sucks! Havertz is so clunky. His skill with the ball is suspect.

  3. Nope Rory i didn't expect to see Chelsea make a statement in this game…..what I see from Chelsea at the moment is what I've seen from Arsenal 2 to 3 seasons ago…deadwood players who no longer care who are just there to have a laugh and a paycheck…..alot of players need to be kicked out of the club

  4. Imagine going from tuchel to lampard as part of the process….with an owner publically stating to stick by his manager to then having 3 in one season.

  5. You're on your way down. Abramovich era of free money has ended. You recorded 1billion loss this year. You're not Chelsea football club but Abramovich club then.

  6. It's almost like appointing a manager who you had previously sacked and had also been sacked by one of the worst teams in the league was a bad idea

  7. I find it laughable how the moment Potter is gone, pundits such as Rory turn on the players. Under Potter, Chelsea played so many games in which they dominated possession and shots yet still lost. Potter's main mistake was persisting with Havertz. As far as I'm concerned Chelsea fans and pundits such as Rory are getting exactly what they asked for. Couldn't even last 1 season of rubbish results to build a team for the future before you made the atmosphere untenable for Potter and unfortunately the owners obliged.

  8. Murinho will make correct soccer strategy in Chelsea if he return. Chelsea doesn't spend time and money any more.
    Chelsea should take Murinho ASAP.

  9. I said on previous video, Lampard hasn’t had enough time away and learnt enough about management to take on Chelsea especially in this dire situation. Edit – il add on I can’t speak for the players I don’t watch the games. Just followed Franks management.

  10. Lampard 😂😂😂 you and your club are a complete utter joke. This is what happens when you hire yanks. 🤡 club

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