Charli XCX reacts to EastEnders’ Lily Slater naming her baby after her in ‘iconic’ viral scene

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Charli shared his thoughts on a virus EastEnders clip in which a character gives his child his name.

During Monday night’s (September 4) episode of the long-running BBC soap opera, Lily Slater (Lillia Turner) gives birth to her first child with Ricky Mitchell (Frankie Day).

At the hospital, Stacey Slater (Lacey Turner) asks for the baby’s name, only to be told by Ricky that they named their daughter Charli after the hyper-pop singer.

The clip was widely shared on social media after the episode aired.

It was shared by popular Instagram account @loveofhuns, which captures the best of modern British pop culture, with the caption: “It’s not Stacey Slater’s granddaughter named Charli XCX. [skull emoji].

On Tuesday, September 5, the real Charli — who has a huge following within the LGBT+ community — offered her own response to the scene.

Sharing the clip on Twitter/X, the “Speed ​​Drive” singer wrote: “Shout out my gays in the writers room! »

In the episode of EastEndersLily goes into labor and gives birth in the hospital without Ricky by her side.

After the birth, Ricky arrives at the hospital with his father Jack Branning (Scott Maslen) and his partner Denise Fox (Diane Parish), who ask if Lily has found a name yet.

“She did, but she didn’t say it,” says her mother, Stacey Slater. “She was waiting for Ricky to arrive.”

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Stacey hands the baby to Ricky, before asking him again what the baby’s name is.

“Her name is Charli,” Ricky says, and Stacey replies, “Oh, after Uncle Charlie?”

Ricky then clarifies: “No, after Charli XCX.”

“Oh,” Stacey says, as Ricky’s dad, Jack Branning, asks, “Who?”

Ricky with baby Charli in ‘EastEnders’


“Oh, go ahead, Jack,” said Denise, Jack’s partner. “He’s a singer, isn’t he?”

Fans raved about the “iconic” scene, writing, “This is the most British crossover ever. »

“It’s so iconic!!!!!!” another tweeted, while one fan joked, “We got the statement I’ve been waiting all day!”

The pregnancy story was controversial among EastEnders fans, as Lily and the father of her child were 12 when the baby was conceived.

On the show, Ricky’s parents convinced Lily to have an abortion, while Stacey said she should keep the baby.

While Lily intended to terminate her pregnancy, saying she did not feel ready to be a mother, she then decided to continue with the pregnancy.

EastEnders broadcast Monday to Thursday at 7:30 p.m. on BBC One.

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