Channel 4 Dispatches to broadcast 90-minute investigative special

It comes after viewers noticed the broadcaster had added a 90-minute special on Dispatches for Saturday evening, a prime spot.

The preview of the Channel 4 show gives no indication of what viewers can expect with just the usual “investigative series covering issues in British society, politics, international news, health, religion and the environment” in place.

However, according to some reports, the investigation will highlight bad behavior by a number of well-known names, which could end their careers.

Channel 4 to broadcast celebrity investigation special

While speculation around the show multiplies on social networks, Channel 4 newsreader Krishnan Guru-Murthy got viewers talking after tweeting “Something’s Up” with a screenshot from TV Guide showing the Dispatches special.

However, Guru-Murthy was quick to delete the Tweet an hour later.

“The Mirror understands the documentary aims to highlight the bad behavior of a well-known name. The content of the Dispatches, which will cover a number of industry celebrities, would potentially be extremely damaging.

– Scott Bryan (@scottygb) September 15, 2023

While viewers wait to see the Channel 4 In special dispatches, a TV insider gave some insight into what to expect: “This show has been years in the making and is being put together right up to the last minute. It has the potential to end the career of at least one celebrity with its content,” according to The mirror.

This isn’t the first time Dispatches have investigated celebrities. Channel 4 program last year airing “Jeremy Kyle Show: Death On Daytime” which highlighted the treatment faced by guests and staff.

How to watch the 90-minute Channel 4 Dispatches special

The Channel 4 Dispatches special is scheduled to air at 9pm on Saturday September 16.

It will be available live on the broadcaster’s channel and streaming on All 4.

The Radio Times TV Guide also suggests that the Dispatches special will air again on Sunday, September 17 at 10:50 p.m.

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