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  1. Having comparing him to KDB? And seeing how he has dropped off

    Do you think Bruno is a flop or a success

  2. Don't get the clips of Saeed and rants because Saeed is just a and goes along with any agenda rants has, rants is just a pagan, will slate Bruno for views and his fanboying for a highlights player like the flop pogba was pathetic.

  3. If Bruno is a Flop then Matip, Van Dijk, Thiago, Oxlade, Keita, Nunez, Gomez, and obviously Arthur Melo are flops as well

  4. James bro, I actually agree with you about Bruno, and I can tell you the exact moment I saw his decline. I remember it well, he was playing for Portugal in the Euros and he looked tired and lost…. and he has NEVER been the same since. Bruno could still be great, but he ain't consistent enough (much like United in general sadly).

  5. The only thing bruno has been consistent at is throwing his arms away and whinging to the ref

  6. He was bought for like 50 mill which is nothing now. So can't really call him a flop

  7. make sure u do a vid telling US how DOGSl S**T Trent is at defending n how Henderson has always been TRASH too

  8. I appreciate you mentioned his energy. Don't many mention that positive aspect about Bruno's game. I do agree with all other points made too and as a Man Utd fan I don't expect Bruno to be back with those crazy numbers in the ETH system, which I am totally fine with. His overall game needs to improve but where I probably differ is that he does actually link up well. He has shown improvement in terms of his short passing and picking pockets of space closer to the centre of the pitch. Always progressive with his passing too. I am not too worried bcz I feel ETH trusts him. He will come good soon

  9. brunos so overhyped , 1 and half or so good seasons and united fans fucking bum him

  10. The 78% pass accuracy is the most joker argument ever. A number 10 is obviously gona try riskier passes. I bet every CB in the Prem has better passing accuracy than KDB becuz they play safe passes. You lack of knowledge is frightening for a YTer. Your meant to look at chance creation rate n conversation rate. Instead you went with passing accuracy. What a stupid uneducated little boy.

  11. Liverpool fan talks about two players of rivaling clubs, yes this insight im sure i cant miss LOOOOL

  12. Arsenal fan here but love your video's much love mother was a liverpool fan back when torres and stevie G was playing lol so always followed liverpool in my eyes bruno tries to hard he wants the fame sort of like ronaldo but without half the skills hes a very good player on he's day but that can be said with alot of players. but Kevin de bruyne is the far better play for a much longer time without a doubt

  13. Love it jamez 返窮bout time we call out thease 季nited players . Man U fans trying to push narratives on our boys

  14. Don't think he's a flop flop… But I do think we could easily get 60+ million for him… Right now. So if we can cash in, I'd do that

  15. Bruno is a very good player when he's in form, however he's been out of it for a while now especially for his own standards! But he's no where near KDB's overall quality… KDB is a superstar IMHO, and he's one of the best midfielders around, if not in this current generation.
    I love our Thiago Alcantara, he has a majestic touch, great control and vision, but still KDB has a lot more to offer!… KDB and Haaland is just a scary mix, especially once they get their chemistry in tune.

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