Bruno Fernandes always picks the hardest pass…

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Bruno Fernandes always picks the hardest pass…

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  1. Hello! These are Bruno Fernandes most difficult pass attempts only since the start of 2019! This because there were enough clips from this time period to make this length video! 😀

  2. If Pogba had a masters in flairy over simple passing, this man must have a PhD…. He'll really have you on the edge of your seat with what he chooses to do with the ball.

  3. Here's the stats, total pass = 51, success pass = 18, goal (based on the video) = 1
    Accuracy = 35%
    Assist = 2%

  4. He's good and he knows how to thread a pass BUT he likes to over do it that's why he's still a good player and not an AMAZING player.

  5. Imagine lingard was our no 10 for so long and then we signed bruno and saw what a no 10 is capable of.

  6. Yo, you could make a video about "Ronaldo keeps trying to score another bicycle kick" 'cause he always has at least one attempt per match, maybe it could be fun

  7. It seems like he is focused on his teammates but doesn't pay attention to the opponents, some of these passes would be good if there's no one to intercept it but a lot of them are simply trash not for the pass itself but for the idea of making that pass in that moment… plus his accuracy on long balls is pretty low (at least on what we can see on this video)

  8. These kind of passes creates goal, but also can cost to loss possession and lead to opponent's goal. High risk high return. I do this a lot actually 🤣

  9. he always lose mental game. get furious soo easily. roy keane wannabe. that one thing thats make him one step behind other midfield in everygame he played. "sometime good" is not enough. midfielder must know how to control the game. not get furious by everything. you are the brain. if the brain get furious easily. the gameplay ruined.

  10. Bruh! I’ve been saying for years that he’s good but not great because he too often tries to win the game with one play instead of doing the right thing.

  11. As midfielder you should be able to pass better than this sh*t , we miss iniesta, xavi, X .alonso, fabrigas,pirlo we miss those kind of midfielders nowadays,

  12. I don’t watch man Utd but form what I’ve heard and seen, he just seems like one of the most inconsistent players.

    He’s a very good player mind you, but he’ll only show up maybe for a week and then vanish basically. That doesn’t bode well when you consider the like of Erikson back in the day would be one of the most consistent midfielders in the prem. Like bro, just play simple football

  13. As someone who comes from a Portuguese family and watches every game that the national team plays, it’s so frustrating to watch him. Don’t get me wrong, his vision can be unreal at times but his decision to constantly play this “hero ball” where he picks the hardest and often riskiest ball is SO frustrating. In my opinion, one of the only reasons why he retains a starting spot for Utd and the national team is that he covers up for it with G/A

  14. It's simple in his mind: If there's a runner, he will pass. That's confidence in his own ability as well. But the difficult nature of those passes makes them a hit or miss. Definitely a high risk high reward approach. But Bruno has been passing these passes less and more accurate now, under Ten Hag

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