Brighton VS Liverpool 3-0 | post match analysis

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Brighton VS Liverpool 3-0 | post match analysis

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  1. Klopp need to overhaul get rid few midfielders and few defenders that's weak not strong and not aggressive and easily fall

  2. I'm a geordie ,but I'm over the moon for Brighton I remember when they lost their ground and had to start from scratch and it's good to see them where they are 👏👍

  3. Don’t think Liverpool want or have enough money to buy players they need. American owners probably won’t splash cash in Summer. If you really want to see a great achievement look at how much Brighton have spent on their starting 11. It contained 4 players from Brightons Academy, 1 loan player , 1 free transfer, The other 5 cost about 30 million in total . Now that’s what I call great management. A team created out very little , made with skill not by opening a cheque book every time your in trouble.

  4. If LFC played a new formation I didn't see it.
    Salah, OX were playing out of position then
    It looked like the same 433 to be.

  5. We need to stop the high line and go back to basics. We arent playing with energy any more so we need to focus on defence and midfield being organised focused and compact and hitting ppl on the break. Currently look like a Sunday league team. My 2 pennies worth.

  6. Don't seek too far for answers. They lost Mane and didn't replace him. You don't lose a player like Mane and keep singing hallelujah

  7. Klopp seems unable to motivate the guys. He is losing the locker room . Salah signing was a mistake and the defense is horrible. Midfield isn’t any good either . Reds need a shakeup

  8. i think this is the time for Liverpool to let go klopp… .I was watching and enjoying Moises coicedo the missing puzzle to Liverpool midfield problem thaigo need help in the middle Liverpool need to sell keita and ox chamberlain use the money and buy youri tieleman and Moises coicedo…. Jesus Christ Liverpool need at least 3 midfielder before the season ends

  9. Klopp: "actually no sign of such performance before the game". R u serious klopp. How do you sum up your performance agst Leichester, where you won the game credit to Faes. There was sign, klopp, but you failed to see it

  10. Liverpool hijacked 2 players from united. 1 turned out to be Andy Carroll 2.0 while the other………… is Darren Bent 2.0?

  11. Best performance from Brighton, result was well deserved, by far, and i'm a Reds fan, well done them

  12. It's getting pretty annoying hearing it now, "we just have to do better". They're being outrun in every game. They know how to beat teams, and how to be hard to beat. They've been doing it for years now. They know what they need to do, but for some reason they're not really doing it.

  13. when will Klopp get serious criticism. this has late Wenger smell. 8yrs b4 Arsenal realised late Wenger was shite

  14. And graham potter left that side for Chelsea who are below Brighton lolllll. He obviously went for that 50mil pound contract. But he should have stayed with Brighton and they would have increased his salary too but he would have become hero. But I guess nowadays money is more important than legacy.

  15. It’s not the end of the world for Liverpool. We’ve had a sh*te season up to now no question about it. We were near quadruple immortals 6 months ago!! There’s many reasons why we’ve fallen but Klopp will get us back on track. People leaving silly comments are either BOTS or not true fans. This man saved our club!! There is still much to play for yet people have had a negative diagnosis since the first match of the season. Injuries, not enough back up in midfield, a new striker finding his way in the team, tiredness, the mental fatigue from last years effort etc…if it wasn’t for Liverpool there wouldn’t have been any competition for the premiership…we’ve everything under Jürgen. Come of the Redmen!! #YNWA.x

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