Break Time 🛋 Sergio Ramos

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Break Time 🛋 Sergio Ramos

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Source: PSG – Paris Saint-Germain

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  1. a freaking monster on the both sides of the field…can't surpass him in next 100 years

  2. It’s very disrespectful and a shame that he mentioned Real Madrid as “another club” and not say the actual name Real Madrid. He should say the name Real Madrid with his head held high. Much more important than silly joker club paris or any money then offer. I’m a AC Milan fan but big fan of Ramos

  3. Sergio Ramos is the best defender I've seen play! I believe he will turn around Psg and have a great streak of games next season.

  4. This is not easy to believe, but lately there have been persistent rumors that the leadership of the Paris Saint-Germain is determined to get rid of Sergio Ramos in view of his injury, although his contract with the club is designed for another year. Yes, Sergio did not make a significant contribution to the championship, he played only 529 minutes out of 3060 possible in the Championship, but still must take into account the fact that Ramos scored 2 goals in 9 appearances on the field, despite the fact that he is only a defender, not an attacker. If he hadn't spent the entire Championship on the bench and had more playing time, I'm sure his statistics would have been better. For me Sergio Ramos – a legend, a professional with a capital letter, a player at the highest reference level, a football giant, and i respect him for his merits in Paris Saint-Germain, albeit small ones. In general, Sergio has a rather unique career: for 17 years in Real Madrid – 22 trophies, including 5 times took La Liga and 4 times the Champions League. And how he won his first trophy with Paris Saint-Germain in his first season at the club. Therefore i will conclude: Sergio Ramos – incredible and i tell him "Bravo!"

  5. Si Ramos est en forme il va bien plus apporter en défense technique mental et professionnalisme

  6. Real Madrid Defence Line Not Good 2022. Sergio Ramos Come Back Real Madrid.

  7. Ramos blesser ou pas il est toujours présent, ce mec je pourrais l’écouter parler tout les jours il est ultra intéressant il a une grosse sociabilité

  8. Tous ceux qui critiquent Ramos ne connaissent rien au foot
    Le gars a tout fait dans sa carrière,une vraie légende.
    Respect ✊

  9. en francais ca donne quoi ? merci pour les fans francais du psg qui ne parlent pas etranger !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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