Bread sitcom star Jean Boht dies aged 91 | Television

Actor Jean Boht, best known for playing matriarch Nellie Boswell in the 1980s comedy Bread, has died at the age of 91.

A statement from his family said: “It is with immense sadness that we must announce the death of Jean Boht yesterday, Tuesday September 12. »

“Jean battled vascular dementia and Alzheimer’s disease with the tireless spirit for which she was both loved and renowned.”

Boht’s role in Bread made her a hugely popular figure between 1986 and 1991, with the series being watched by over 18 million viewers at its peak. Her character’s attempts to keep a cash-strapped Liverpudlian family together in Thatcher’s Britain was her best-known role, although she had previously appeared in the sitcoms I Woke Up One Morning and Brighton Belles, as well as in the drama Boys from the Blackstuff.

His theater appearances included alongside Jeremy Irons in Embers, a 2006 adaptation of a novel by Sandor Marai, set in 1940s Hungary.

The actor’s husband, composer Carl Davis died last monthaged 86. The Bafta-winning composer, whose work included music for the 1995 BBC drama Pride and Prejudice, suffered from a brain tumor.

She is survived by her two daughters and three grandchildren.

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