Best Of ✨ Erling Haaland

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Best Of ✨ Erling Haaland

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  1. After watching an interview of him just a min ago but heard about him so many times when talking about Mbape bought me here to see him

  2. If one look carefully, almost all his goals are pretty much open shots, or on the break, sure he is fast but his technique is not varied enough.
    German teams are known for poor defence hence they have the largest no. of goals amongst the top 4 leagues.
    He has not shown his technique to do well in la liga, nor strength to do well in epl. Tactical awareness is also not obvious for him to succeed in Serie A.
    50million player yes but hardly worth a hundred million.

  3. I hope he's not a Michael Owen. He was a beast when he was young but destroyed his body so quickly. Haaland is a far better striker than Owen however and the trainers and doctors are much better these days, hopefully he is able to take care of his body better!

  4. i still wonder why man city are trying to buy him as the way they play, there is nearly no space in opposing penalty for strikers to thrive. i think he should go to italy if he want to upgrade his skill cause it is the only place where strikers have much more important role to play than to only score goals. they become technically astute, tactically intelligent and physically imposing.

  5. If he comes to Man City like his father, I genuinely feel sorry for every other team in the Premier League.

    We already have the most dominant team, and score lots of goals, and don't even have a proper striker.

    Just imagine if we had a striker like Haaland. We would have to build a warehouse in the centre of Manchester to store all the silverware, and Haaland would have to get an entirely new house to store all his individual trophies and medals.

  6. Im kinda scared if he leaves dortmund it might ruin his career like his teamates and yellow suits him

  7. Jesus man, he is this great and from the same country as me. Im so proud of him and Norway! 🇧🇻🇧🇻9️⃣

  8. Other players when someone dives infront of them : ouch! penalty penalty.
    Haaland : lmao ass pain

  9. The way he run toward the net you feel like he is running on his own road into it, unstoppable and unbelievable how great is his scoring ability.

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