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  1. How are Barcelona going to buy anyone?? It's only going to get worse for them. I wouldn't be surprised if they end up relegated in the next few seasons.

  2. Chelsea do not need Pulisic. there are better out there. he is also very injury prone and not really sure he contributes that much when he does play. I love Kante, but he too has got very injury prone over the last 2 Seasons. Azpelecueta, great Servant for Chelsea over the years, but sadly getting old and Silva is enough on that front. Christensen is also very injury prone for a CD. I would include Ziyech, but it seems he is becoming better as the Season progresses. I would also say Werner and it is a shame that he is not scoring as he should be, but he does leave it all on the pitch and he scares the life out of Defenders, so he is doing ok, despite the no goals. I would add Chilwell, another injury prone Player, but "when" he is fit, he does well…when… Rudiger will go and I do not think Chelsea should try and hang on to him, or any Player that does not want to be there. Lukaku is turning into a great disappointment. £100m and a £325 flat wage….for "that". Chelsea should have moved mountains to get Haaland…. Chelsea do not need Cheek either. Not good enough and never has been and has not improved over the years. Cheek is a good player for the mediocre Clubs (sorry guys, but true) or a very good Championship Side, but not for a top Club, other than as a Squad Player, to be used when needed, which is what he is doing now, but Chelsea do not really need, given the Midfielders they have, not to mention those out on loan. Sooo…Cheek, Azpilecueta, Christensen, Rudiger, Pulisic, Kante, all taking up space, all costing a fortune in wages to keep. there are better out there and yes, even Kante, as sad as it is. Use the money to get better and turn Chelsea into "real" Title Contenders and not Title Pretenders….and note to Tuchel: Change the tactics mate, because what you are now doing, although worked in the beginning, is not working now. I would also love to know when Tuchel is going to start playing Niguez?! £200k a week flat wage the guy is on…what a waste! If you add up the Players I said Chelsea do not need now, that comes close to £700k a week flat wage. that is a lot that could be spent on better and younger and less injury prone. get rid of the others I mention, but think Chelsea should keep, that comes to nearly another £600k a week flat wage. That is £1.3m a week…that is a hell of a lot to use, when you consider that soppy FFP and can be spent on other players. Just a thought :0)

  3. Barcelona…as bad as Man Utd, the Hacks are linking them to every player and their pets. But unlike Man Utd, I would love to know what Barcelona are going to buy these players with?!

  4. I just love this goalside anyway tell us about Dortmund , why is it not good enough

  5. Everyone talking about it’s a bad call but the American wonder boy gets no playing time 😭😂. Like why would he stay

  6. Lmao are barca gonna sell their balls to get Pulisic 🤣🤣🤣 🙏 , Their linked with Haaland , Ferran Torres , Ziyech but no moni

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