Barcelona Vlog | We Are Attempting to Speak Spanish?

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Barcelona Vlog | We Are Attempting to Speak Spanish?

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  1. Love all your outfits Tamara! You must have woken up early like I did to get all those shot with no people around!

  2. no aconsejo ir de turismo por Barcelona con mochila a la espalda pues hay muchísimos carterístas y ladrones que se dedican a robar a los turistas!!!






  4. Hi Tamara , may I know what is the blouse you were wearing in that sweet store at12:55? The one you were wearing with the Dior bralette 🙂 thank you!

  5. This vlog was so cool! I've just came from Barcelona, and it was so heart melting to see all those places where I have also been just a couple of days ago ❤️❤️❤️ This city is incredible 💖💖💖 It has everything! Thank you Tamara for this video!
    I wish Dusan's channel was English too, I love his energy and cuteness and he effects you in the best way possible 😊

  6. Love your vlogs and videos!!! 😍 I have a question – what camera do you use to take your instagram pictures? And thank you for sharing your world with us 😊

  7. You're the only Youtuber that I watch who films with their photographer – it's lovely 🙂 You have a great relationship!

  8. Loved the vlog! Dusan always adds so much fun to your usual travels and makes you smile a lot. Are you guys a couple by any chance? 🙂

  9. Svaki vlog je preeedivan, zanimljiv i vi ste super. Zracite tako pozitivnom energijom. Koliko vidim vi (kako bi Ana Bucevic rekla) zivite svoje snove, to mi se jos vise dopada i drago mi je. Primer ste drugima, pokazujete kako trud, rad, pozitivna energija i vera u sebe utice na ljude. Sve pohvale oboma. 😍

  10. you're killing the vlog game rn !!!!!! love it
    and the both of you have a nice chemistry in the vlogs

  11. You are probably one of the most hard working fashion bloggers I have ever seen. Waking up early, climbing high, traveling to different cities just to take good pictures. Instead of always saying how busy the day is when in fact all they do is to get nails done, go to hair appointments or just to shop for new bags with the most of other bloggers out there, you really outdo a lot of them and taking your job very seriously.

  12. haha what a great vlog. 🙂 You two are so funny. The tu madre es mi padre part killed me…the one thing I say in Spanish translates to "your mother is very ugly" and that doesnt go over well haha oops.

  13. I am amazed at the amount of food you ordered at 15:12. Please don't waste a lot just because you want to take photos. I work on food waste reduction and it is sad to see food which were prepared by many hands in the supply chain got wasted easily…

  14. You guys seriously admit you are more than friends. T you look so happy when you are with him.

  15. Please where is your necklace from?(at the beginning of the video)b it looks really delicate and stylish

  16. That's very thoughtful and warm hearted of you to dedicate the video. It is also my favourite city in the world, off the beaten track and those beautiful winding streets with matadors selling roses. Hope you got to check out some of the homegrown artist art shops; you are both right, the energy and kindness of the city is what makes It's heart beat. Awful of the terrorist attack but I know the Barcelonan people of any will be strong and bound to help their wonderful community. Thank you for taking me around my fav city; you just inspired me to book my tickets for October (my favourite time of year to go, as I'm better with cooler heat) love to you as always, sweet sweet girl xoxo

  17. Na nekim djelovima klipa ti je aktiviran Auto White Balance, to obavezno promijeni, inace vrhunski vlog!

  18. I think I know the dessert place you went to… isn't it Fabrica de Chocolate? <3 <3 <3 it so much, Barcelona is indeed the most amazing city I've been to!

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