Atletico Madrid vs Barcelona, La Liga 2023 – MATCH PREVIEW

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Atletico Madrid vs Barcelona, La Liga 2023 – MATCH PREVIEW

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  1. something tells me a disappointment is on the horizon and especially after real madrid has lost to villareal…. we have to reverse the situation ASAP and win but my confidence is getting lower as days go on… but all in all VISCA EL BARCA

  2. Atleti 5 mid vs barca 3 mid, 2 of them short😞. Play kessie he is more physical. Like memphis and kessie have to get spain passports to play?

  3. Honestly at this point I don’t know if it’s low confidence or we are just not that good. As fans we keep making these excuses game after game for the team, it’s either we blame it on injuries, new coach needs time, confidence, chemistry etc. But i think we are using up our “excuse cards”, Barca is a huge club, we need to improve and perform, and we need to stop making the excuses, it’s getting old quickly.

  4. Atleti's stadium is not called Wanda Metropolitano anymore man after the contract with Wanda group expired, it's now officially called Civitas Metropolitano…

  5. I am an atleti fan and I don't think we are good enough to even get a draw. I hope we do. But I doubt that's going to happen. If you want to win just focus on wherever carrasco is playing and you will most definitely win he is the weak link in the team and doesn't offer anything offensive

  6. if Barcelona can not bring messi back I think this is the opportunity to bring Neymar back

  7. Been saying this for a while we can’t start Pedri and gavi in the same midfield trio especially in big games we need more muscle in the midfield . Imo I’d start kessie over gavi he give us more athleticism and can defend better against breaks

  8. If xavi wouldn't succeed as a manager, barca should hire manager who can play direct attack. We have quality players. It would freshen up the mind for players. Barca playing same tactics every day having possession and possession no results, its frustrating. No direct approach. And 😂😂 not controlling ball in last 10 mins of the match. Plz use players effectively. Stop using marco as CB, if you have options in the bench.

  9. The actual reason I believe we cont those 3 goals was cuz of marcos alonso…. I swear if xavi starts marcos alonso I'm gon gonna… ☠️☠️

  10. man you really know how to hype us up for a barca match. Goated youtuber right here.

  11. Jamie, I think we can play pablo torre coming in from the left wing. let's give pabl torre a chance at lw, form where he can drop, create those through balls, and with his vision spread the ball. Also, that will enable blade to overlap completely and then ansu could also make combinations. Along with that, we will gain numerical superiority in zones 11,12 and 13. And then on the rw, I would either go with raphina or dembele. wouldn't play raphina and dembele together rin a 4-3-3. the thing is that if we go with a front 3 of ansu, dembele and rpahina and our midfield will be fdj, gavi and epdri which is what we want to , the only way it can work in possession would be is if we play in a 3-2-2-3strcutrw tih kounde, aruajo and christesen forming a back 3 in buildup and then with de Jong the deeper out of the first two with pedri in that right halfspace operating as a double pivot who is slightly more advanced. then gavi in that cnetre/left half space with raphina in the zone 15 halfpsace with dembele out wide and finally, blade overlapping with ansu as our no.9 drifting off into the middle or more into the left. really like the idea with raphina as rwb as in possession it can work but don't think we are drilled enough to really on central penetration with directness and our positioning of the interiors in a 3-5-2 with plating both gavi and pedri maybe an issue.

  12. Tomas Tuchel and Luis Enrique are knocking at the manager's door. Xavi can't change anything, even with big transfers

  13. Xavi has been given a chance but I don't think he's up to the job considering the money we spent. He's not a good coach

  14. The missing piece in this barca team is individual brilliance. Players especially wingers,strikers and midfielders who can dribble and score. None of of midfielders or wingers can do this effectively to breakdown the opposition. Secondly selling Auba was a big mistake. Dembele is not our kind of man clearly were forcing him. He is a dortmund-benfica-totenham kind of player. Raphina,Depay,Torres same case. Fathi is not the same, what a shame. We need attackers who can dribble and score not always passing. Tiki taka is classical but deceptive, it hides alot of weaknesses in average players. We need individual brilliance .

  15. Still begs the question, why did we let go of Nico? Still doesn't make sense to this day..

  16. It might happen but i’m skeptical. We can’t even be sure of the starters at key positions…
    I’ll believe it when I see it.
    And if they win, it will then depend on how they won…

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