Arsenal Invincibles VS Chelsea 04/05?

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Arsenal Invincibles VS Chelsea 04/05?

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  1. Same reason Miami Dolphins fans talk about an undefeated team that won less games than are played in a season now a days

  2. Unbeaten in the league. No one has done that, not even mourinho team, not even now. So whats not special about that. His on about a champ league game. But to play 38 league game and not lose, try doing that.

  3. Yet the best ever Chelsea team with the best defensive record in history couldn't go invincible

  4. i don't like rory but come on, yeah u never lost but got so manny fucking draws, just because u never lose doesn't mean u are the best, luck is also involved

  5. Why do clean sheets matter, what do we talk about clean sheets all the time? Arsenal had the meta cheab sheet of the entire season.

  6. I agree. More points>More draws
    There's a reason those invincibles failed to win the Champion's League. They just weren't good enough to win a match where draw wasn't an option. Knockout stage defines how a tough a team is. The league tests the team's depth.

  7. Rory is spot on. Doing the double or treble is better than being draw specialists and going unbeaten

  8. ZERO LOST MEANS NOTHING? Really EMULATE IT FIRST. 😂🤣 Now you know it's impossible. 😂

  9. Mourinho points was broken by Pep's Man City. But no one go the entire season unbeaten. So it does means something. 💪

  10. They didn’t have to be the best Arsenal team ever. They are the invincibles because of their achievements. To go a season unbeaten??

  11. I agree if they were so good they would have won more. The game’s objective should be to win not to avoid losing

  12. The invincibles are clear just look at how good city are how dominant they have been in the last 4 years look at the points they’ve accumulated they’ve not gone invincible yes they drew a lot but to not loose a single game in that era of football was ridiculously hard

  13. He has a point though ..going unbeatan is a great achievement but its more about how many points you get at the end of the season

  14. if we’re talking about points the 17-18 city team was the best premier league team ever

  15. That Chelsea side were brilliant but they didn’t do anything special in todays context. Their defensive record was brilliant, sure, but the Invincibles were unbeaten, the Centurions broke the 100 point record, and the Treble Winners are the only English side to win the treble. They’re the best 3 teams in PL history. After that is Liverpool’s 99 point 19/20 winners, then Chelsea 04/05.

  16. Invincibles are continued to be mentioned because NO TEAM HAS ACHEIVED AN UNBEATEN PREMIER LEAGUE SEASON SINCE.

  17. Look Arsenal was on invincible which nobody has done in any League round Europe played 38 games 0 lost isn’t that incredible or you just deluded

  18. As an Arsenal fan i think this years league win (if we do it) would be more impressive. Finishing ahead of teams like City, with the youngest squad ever, the youngest manager ever (to win it), would he far more of an achievement than finishing without a loss. If this young team next year went invincible itd be the best ever prem team i think

  19. Considering that 04/05 Chelsea team only lost 1 PL game that season coupled with the fact they won the League Cup, the “Invincibles” doing 1 game better with 1 less trophy is totally something to brag about

  20. You can be unbeaten with 38 points and get relegated!! This invincibles bs is comical

  21. Mourinho's team was better.

    But I wouldn't diminish the achievement of an entire domestic campaign without a loss.

  22. The invincible team got an extra trophy for that achievement no team has done that

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