Ariana Grande and Demi Lovato split from manager Scooter Braun | Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande and Demi Lovato have split from Scooter Braun, one of contemporary music’s most influential managers – and notorious foe of Taylor Swift, who embarked on re-recording her first six albums after buying the rights , Billboard Reports.

They join the Colombian reggaeton star J Balvinwho signed with Braun’s SB Projects in 2019 and left his company in May.

Justin Bieber’s reps have denied rumors that the Canadian pop star has also split from the manager who discovered him when he was singing at the age of 12 on YouTube and stabilized his career during periods of arrests and mental health issues. “I wasn’t going to abandon him, I wasn’t going to let him die” Braun told the Guardian in 2018.

Braun seems to retain its customers, especially Carly Rae JepsenQuavo from Migos, David GuettaBlack Eyed Peas and Ava Max.

Braun, 42, started his career throwing parties as a student. He became executive director of marketing at So So Def Recordings, run by Jermaine Dupri, then quit to start his own marketing company. In 2007, he created the entertainment and marketing company SB Projects, then Raymond-Braun Media Group, a joint venture with Bailiff.

Braun began directing Grande in 2013 and hosted the A love benefit concert which raised millions of pounds to support the families of the victims of the terrorist attack during his concert in Manchester in 2017.

He began directing Lovato in 2019, following a near-fatal drug overdose by the former Disney star. “Dreams have come true for me,” Lovato (who uses the pronouns she/they) said at the time. “I officially have a NEW MANAGER. And not just any manager, but the one and only Scooter Braun. Billboard reported that it was “time for Lovato to move in a new direction, although she was grateful for her time with SB Projects,” and Lovato posted her birthday wishes to Braun on her Instagram on August 20.

Beyond Bieber’s discovery, Braun is perhaps best known for his argument with Taylor Swiftwhich initially appears to stem from his two-and-a-half-year helm of Kanye West starting in 2015, as the feud between the rapper and the pop star escalated.

In 2019, Braun bought Big Machine Records, run by Scott Borchetta, who had signed Swift as a teenage country songwriter. The sale gave Braun ownership of the masters of the six albums Swift recorded for the label. She claimed she didn’t have the same opportunity to buy her masters, but to “win” one for each new album she recorded for the label.

Swift left Big Machine to sign with Universal and embarked on a project to record identical copies of her first six albums in order to regain ownership of the master recordings and devalue Braun’s investment: any films or commercials seeking to sync their music. could only use Swift-owned copies she dubbed Taylor’s Versions. The project was a huge commercial success: the re-recording of 1989 should be released in October.

In 2020, Braun sold the masters, associated videos, and artwork to Shamrock Holdings, a Disney-owned private equity firm. Swift wrote a number of songs meant to address the situation, including My Tears Ricochet, Karma and Vigilante Shit.

In 2023, Braun became the sole CEO of Hybe America, the American division of the South Korean entertainment giant.

In 2021, Braun filed for divorce from his wife Yael Cohen. The couple have three children.

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