Apple iPhone 15 Pro gets UK price cut, plus release date and pre-order deals

The wait is finally over. After a year of fever rumors, Apple just announced the new iPhone15 series of smartphones, including the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Maxas well as a new Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2.

As expected, Apple I abandoned the Lightning port of the four iPhones, introduced Dynamic Island on each device, replaced the mute button with a action button on the Pro line of smartphones and gave them a brushed titanium design. There were, as always, new camera upgrades.

But while there weren’t many surprises to chew on, the improved ultra-wideband technology was intriguing, with Apple showing a way for users to get precise step-by-step instructions directly to their friends, and the natural gloss, white, black and titanium blue colors were a highlight.

The new common or garden varieties, the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus, have also become much more attractive, borrowing a host of features from last year’s Pro model handsets. There’s a 48 MP main camera, up from 12 MP, with users now able to toggle Portrait mode on and off (even if they didn’t take a photo with it originally).

And, although Apple didn’t announce it on stage, it appears that three of the iPhone 15 models have received big price cuts in the UK, making the models up to £100 cheaper than those of last year. iPhone14 And iPhone 14 Pro combined. Here’s how much each of the iPhone 15 handsets cost, when you can pre-order them, and the best carrier deals.

Apple iPhone 15 price: How much do the 15, 15 Plus, 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max cost?

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While we may not have expected an iPhone 15 price hike, we certainly didn’t expect a price hike cut. Although all iPhone 15 handsets remain the same price in the US, they are dropping in price here in the UK.

The base iPhone 15 starts from just £799 for the 128GB model, while the iPhone 15 Plus starts from just £899. This is a welcome £50 price reduction compared to last year’s iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus. The iPhone 15 Pro received an even bigger price drop.

The iPhone 15 Pro starts from £999 for the 128GB model, which is £100 less than the iPhone 14 Pro at launch last year. And while the iPhone 15 Pro Max costs the same as the iPhone 14 Pro Max at launch (£1,199), the price of the iPhone 15 Pro Max has increased in the US, but has remained the same here in the UK.

Apple iPhone 15 release date: When can you pre-order the 15, 15 Plus, 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max handsets?

(Apple )

iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max will be available for pre-order from 1 p.m. BST on Friday September 15, 2023 on the Apple Store. Their expedition will then begin on Friday September 22, 2023.

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If you trade in your current iPhone to Apple, you can receive up to £715 in Apple Credit towards your new iPhone 15. If you prefer to wait for deals from telcos, these should start rolling out on September 15. We expect carrier deals to be better this year than they were for the iPhone 14, given the lower prices in the UK.

Mobile carriers usually only announce their iPhone 15 deals on pre-order day, September 15, but some mobile networks have already revealed iPhone 15 details in advance. Sky Mobile is also the first operator to announce its best prices on every handset.

Best Sky Mobile iPhone 15 deals

Sky Mobile is the first mobile operator to announce its offers this year. The carrier offered some of the best deals for the iPhone 14 Pro Max launch last year, and it appears to be enhancing those benefits once again for the iPhone 15.

Sky has announced that the iPhone 15 Pro Max will cost £39 per month, the iPhone 15 Pro will cost £33 per month, the iPhone 15 will cost £26 per month and the iPhone 15 Plus will cost £33 per month. You need to add a data plan, but the carrier offers double data for a limited time. This means you’ll only pay £8 per month for 8GB of data instead of £8 per month for 4GB.

Plus, there are other benefits included if you sign a contract with Sky Mobile, including Sky’s piggy bank system, which pools your unused data into a virtual jar that you can share with your family. What’s more, users won’t be subject to pesky mid-contract price hikes, and you’ll also be able to stream Sky Go, Sky Sports and more without it taking a toll on data.

Sky Mobile’s iPhone 15 pre-order deals go live on Friday, September 15 at 1 p.m. BST, and the handsets will ship on September 22.

Pre-order soon on Sky Mobile

Best EE iPhone 15 deals

EE has announced that customers will be able to pre-order the iPhone 15 Pro, iPhone 15 Pro Max, iPhone 15, and iPhone 15 Plus starting Friday, September 15. Although it has not yet revealed any offers, the telephone operator has announced that it will offer the Apple One bundled subscription as part of its Full Works plan for iPhones.

If you go for the Full Works plan, you will get Apple Music, Apple TV+Apple Arcade and 50 GB of iCloud+ for 24 months, plus unlimited data and a dataRoam Abroad Pass. To get an idea of ​​how much these benefits are worth, EE says the benefits are worth a total of £766. The iPhone 15 deals are set to arrive this Friday, and we’ll pick the best of them.

Pre-order soon from EE

Best Vodafone iPhone 15 deals

Vodafone has revealed that customers will be able to pre-order all four iPhone 15 handsets from Friday September 15. Although it is yet to reveal its offerings, you will be able to sign up for a plan on Vodafone EVO, which allows customers to choose their own monthly price, upfront cost, as well as the length of their contract – from three to 36 month. . You can also trade in your current device to make your iPhone 15 purchase cheaper.

The company also offers a buyback program that guarantees you a fixed price if you want to trade in your iPhone 15 for the iPhone 16 in 2024. We’ll update this page when Vodafone launches its iPhone 15 deals, but you can pre-register . your interest now.

Pre-order soon at Vodafone

Best O2 iPhone 15 deals

O2 has yet to announce its pre-order deals, but the mobile network has announced that its iPhone 15 deals will go live on Friday September 15. All of O2’s device plans last 36 months as standard, but they break up after 24 months, so you can pay the rest off early and upgrade if you want.

You can also trade in your current device to reduce the cost of your monthly plan. We’ll update this page with the best deals as soon as they go live on Friday.

Pre-order soon at O2

The three best iPhone 15 deals

Like O2, Three has not announced any further information on its iPhone 15 offerings, only that the operator will launch pre-orders on Friday September 15. You can pre-register your interest so you’ll be the first to know once the iPhone 15 deals are released.

Pre-order soon at Three

Best iPhone 15 deals from is yet to release any information on its iPhone 15 pre-order deals. But the online mobile store had some of the best deals on the iPhone 14 last year, it is therefore a good deal to watch. You can register your interest and the company will email you its best deals when pre-orders open on Friday, September 15.

Pre-order soon at

What iPhone pre-order deals were there last year?

A look at last year’s iPhone 14 carrier deals can provide insight into which carriers will have the best iPhone 15 deals this Friday.

The best iPhone 14 Pro Max deal we spotted last year was from Sky Mobile. The telco was offering the handset for £40 a month on a 36-month contract with no upfront costs. You had to add a data plan, with a 2GB plan costing £6. In total you paid £46 over 36 months.

The deals on the iPhone 14 Pro were a bit lackluster, however. Three had a £72, 24-month contract on the handset. You had to pay £70 up front, but the plan came with unlimited data. We’re hoping for better options for the iPhone 15 Pro this year.

If you were looking for an iPhone 14 deal, had a pretty tempting 24 month contract. You had to pay £99 up front, but after that you would only pay £39.99 per month and receive 100GB of data. That’s a pretty good deal, and it should be even better for the iPhone 15 since it’s cheaper.

We barely saw any iPhone 14 Plus contract deals at launch, although Mobile Phones Direct was offering the larger iPhone for £54 a month with an upfront cost of £9. You had 100GB of data, which was pretty decent. We expect to see more iPhone 15 Plus deals at launch, given that it was a new configuration for Apple last year.

Price comparison

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