Analytical Breakdown Of David De Gea's Passing & Distribution

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Analytical Breakdown Of David De Gea's Passing & Distribution

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  1. the claiming crosses thing is way more critical than the distribution i think. too often United are caught out on crosses.

  2. PREACH!!!! Been waiting for this analysis for ages. Was roy keane right when he said de gea is the most overrated keeper of all time? Hell yeah. When you know enough about football, you start judging based on attributes, and there are alot more attributes to fulfill if you're playing as the number one keeper for United besides shot stopping. The contract renewal from Ole was definitely not justified and here's the fact to speak for itself. Well done Ste for this video, time to look elsewhere and evolve with the times. All united fan should watch this video and I hope more analysis like this is done for the rest of the team. Ste you're our 12th man off the pitch and no one is a harsher critic when it come to bad performances than a red devil.

  3. Ddg should not be our number 1!! I think the worst is the plastic fan boys! They say he and Ronnie saved us but I give Ronnie most of the credit. Time to move on on! Sick of hearing him say we should do better ! He should be doing better!! What big team would want him?

  4. He doesn’t come of his line? Okay the stats say it but you have to come of your line effectively. How many goals has he conceded because of that? I don’t understand we’ve got bigger issues in this team and now your thinking of issues for 1 of our best player this season. Focus on everyone else first, the outfielders have done much worse

  5. Yes his passing and distribution really really sucks,every time he kicks the ball it either end up with opposition team or outside.

  6. De Gea CAN distribute and did early on but has played under managers that have changed his style of play and passing. It’s boot it out to safety more times than not. And let’s be honest, if you’re passing options were Fred and Maguire, what would you do? Who you’re passing to is massive in football and you can tell he doesn’t care to pass them. That’s obvious. Ten Hag’s style of play can revitalize those skills we saw early on his career.

  7. Thats the issue that the team is facing and lacking
    He doesnt cut out crosses or corners where he can make a quick release so that we can launch a counter attacker
    If this season starts he he still remain on goal we are not serious about title charges

  8. Well STE, whatever you say about De Gea, don't forget he's saved us games more than any other United Player 👌🏾

  9. Yet more mostly meaningless stats which sound interesting until you realise they actually tell us absolutely nothing. The only points of interest there are De Gea being poor with crosses and not leaving his penalty area much, both of which the eye test actually tells you anyway. Ederson is exceptional with his distribution, but is poor with shot stopping and, frankly, it’s far more important that we have a keeper who can actually save things rather than one who can pass a ball like Scholes.

  10. This is ridiculous and short-sighted. We can't play a high defensive line when we have a tractor that starts every game. We don't have a defensive midfielder and our central midfield duo can't pass to save their life and Scott is particular is always hiding from the ball. Who is he gonna pass to exactly? AWB doesn't know what to do the moment he reaches the halfway line.
    You're pointing the wrong fingers when the core of the team is rotten and he doesn't have no outlet.

    It's in his locker but unless we change some key personnel, that won't change.

  11. All GKs these days play around 20 yard line, DDG plays around 6 yard line… that’s the reason our centre back look rubbish while playing from back, as it’s put pressure on midfielders.. n eventually we go towards byline n then we get pressed n lose the ball

  12. modern day football fans ha ha ha you know NOTHING about football…stats are for prats…get yourselves a football education before you embarass yourselves on a fan channel…fools

  13. Spot on mate. Those areas that hes weak at Henderson is better. Only shot stopping ddg is much better

  14. It's good to see that DeGea has pulled his finger Out this season, it's about time. He's playing for his future, due to his underperformance over a period of time of over 10 years we felt it's time for him to move on. We want someone in mode of Peter Schmichel or Edwin Van Dar Sar, someone capable of being the Best and can offer at least 10 years to the Club

  15. Ste, I see what you mean but lets pretend like we had Ederson or Alisson in goal, would the rest of the team be able to take advantage of the better distribution? Is there really any GK that would make a significant difference inserted into this team? Would it make the difference we need to start winning trophies again? Probably not. De Get is fine for now imo.

  16. i had a feeling Stephen would look at our goalkeeper situation was it mentioned how slow he is with the ball at his feet he slows everything down . Do not get me wrong his shot stopping has saved us on so many occasions . De gea being 2nd in stats for shots saved is nothing for us to be proud of it just confirms how weak we are in midfield and defense conceding so many shots on goal .

  17. For me I think cause of wages I don’t renew his contract. I would sign Meslier he is 22 plays with basically no defenders and he bails them out a lot. If you give him a good defenders then I think he will look much better and I’d hope they get relegated so I can get him for cheaper

  18. At the end of the day it's about points contribution. If someone is completely useless like Ronaldo but brings you points – you go and defend them. But when de Gea does pretty much the same – you smash him. Hypocritical aint it

  19. Allison have the best stat out of all those goalkeeper , so is he the best goalkeeper in the league ?

  20. The situation with keeper is the same as centre half was 2 years ago. At the moment Axel needed opportunity he wasn't given it, ditto Henderson now

  21. Great work steve!! Goes back to recritment. Why haven't utd got the elite goalkeeping coaches to develop him over the years

  22. De Gea is on almost 400k a week. In comparison, someone like a Mane is on 120k a week at Liverpool. If we need to get serious as a football club we need to cut down on the wage structure and bring in hungry young players who want to fight for the jersey. Dave has served the club well but he should either take a pay cut and sign a reasonable contract or we should happily let him go. GK is the easiest position to fill

  23. I think the stats are a bit skewed with the lack of a proper CB pairing and holding midfield pair options , the team is not really set properly for the GK to have the confidence enough to have a set passing /distribution game plan
    With a more established team, DDG will possibly make way better choices.
    He was once a midfielder in his youth level I find no reason for DDG to be incapable of spraying good passes and he does so as well , though that's pretty uncommon for an elite gk

  24. honestly for the last 7 odd years , we have never need a good distribution play from gk because we were a team which were more attacked than attacking.
    Now when we display some level of control this becomes important
    but with good goalkeeping coaches this can be taken care of

  25. First things first, how about we try being greatful for the massive work DDG has done for United over the years!….. then again, where do you think United would be on the table but for the outstanding work he has done in just this season alone. Considering the fact that United have not been that team that wins matches scoring alot of goals, where would United be on the log if he hasn't been pulling impossible saves?…….am guessing 10th …..11th…. 12th…….. would you trade those impossible saves for distribution, when they mostly just end up missing chances at goal?
    The point is, every individual is unique in their own way, and that is what we must always consider. Would you rather have a sweeper that has no ability to make impossible saves?
    DDG is a unique goalkeeper, the kind you don't just find too often in a transfer market. He is the world's best when it comes to saving the impossible. I once saw a shirt with his pix on it which said "DDG can save just about anything, even your broken relationship "….lol……
    I think the reason this conversation is coming up is because we do not have the kind of formidable defence that will take care of the normal stuff while dave does the impossible. I know most English fans would prefer dean in that position based on sentiment, but we have to be honest with ourselves. DDG is something special. Also, how often do those players make the quick and smart runs that offers him a clear vision of distribution? …again, don't forget cavanis wonder goal last season….who made the assist?…… Yes, he is poor in his distribution, but maybe the players have a part in that problem….do you see how they move? Can you compare that with city or Liverpool players?
    One important thing that make DDG great at impossible saves is the fact that he is always positioned close enough to his line….. even logical math can prove that, but that's a story for another day.
    Victor valdes was nothing special, but he won it all because he had a strong midfield and a formidable defence line….. Give that to DDG and see.
    So yeah, we need to shine our lights of positive criticism on our true problems which are a true working midfield and defence coz truly, United has 99 problems, but DDG ain't one.

  26. Been saying this for ten years, it's a massive problem for the team, there's much more to goal-keeping than shot stopping, it's that simple.

  27. The highest paid GK in football history can't get into Spain's starting 11 but somehow is good enough to start for Man Utd. This club is monumentally fucked.

  28. There are good reasons for why de Gea is far from being the first goalkeeper on the Spanish national team.
    And those should be ours as well for not have him as ours if we want to have ambitions to win the Premier League again.

    I cringe when I see how he is as a goalkeeper apart from his shot stopping.
    He totally depend on his shot stopping abilities and he is lacklusting in every other aspects in being a quality goalkeeper.
    He makes me very nervous.
    I am sure his teammates are nervous with him in goal as well.

  29. 2:24
    GReat graph !

    Do you have one of how far out they chose to get involved ?

    I have a feeling Ederson has a wider range, if you will, than Allison does. That's why I perfer him.

  30. "Goal keepers require way way more than just goal stopping ability"

    YES! Thank you !!

    Mendy might be overrated for this reason. But Idk yet, because we haven't seen him play in the same way as Liverpool and City does.

  31. This is a difficult one as I have him as the 4th best goalkeeper of the Premier League era but there aren't really any invalid points in this video. I'd probably keep him but yeah…

  32. Much bigger issues than Goalkeeper distribution at United. Would Ederson make United win more games. Nope

  33. His distribution is awful, but saying we need to replace him is kinda like saying we should replace a striker because he only scores goals, but is the top scorer in the league…

  34. If you have balls make another video why rashford is failing why he always takes 2or 3 touches and why he didn't pass the ball
    I will respect you mate 👊

  35. I think de gea is the only player in the team we can trust now and because of his brilliant saves we are at top 4 now.

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