AMERICAN Noob reacting to LIONEL MESSI for the first time! | SUAVE REACTS

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AMERICAN Noob reacting to LIONEL MESSI for the first time! | SUAVE REACTS

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  1. 14:43 Just so you know, the other names below Messi on that list are not players (except Ronaldo). Those are entire teams. He scored more himself that year than any team in the world with all their players combined.

  2. My GOAT has got beards but what kind of goat without beards…she-goat 😅😅😅😅😅

  3. Great commentary. Keep it up, as an Argentinean I Absolutely loved it… you crack me up bro !

  4. Ronaldo is just the hard worker and to Messi soccer it's just what he was born with

  5. Thanks ….the first American who call the sport by it right name…..keep telling them is football ..not soccer

  6. Cristiano Ronaldo is ONE OF the greatest goalscorers of all time… Lionel Messi is by a longshot the best football player of all time.

  7. even on fifa you need to set down the difficulty level to do what messi does…

  8. Pele is a brazilian player that played in 60s and 70s, considered to be the best of all time. Go watch a video of him. 🙂

  9. Lets make this wery easy for you. I guess you are an "American". And what do you love the most, statistics about everything and anything. So, the numbers do not lie. And forget Ronaldo, he is just a whiny little bitch! Have you followed this "money whore" lately? First he trash talked his whole Team, ManU in an international TV-interview, then he is fired by the Club, fired from the National Team and now he is playing for Terrorists and even they hate him, just after couple of games. Team mates do not wanna play with him any more!!

  10. I love how you are impressed even tho you dont understand half of the things that you see hahaha if you knew a little bit more about the sport you would be even more impressed

  11. I don't think Cristiano Ronaldo is the GOAT, he's not even the real Ronaldo, the real Ronaldo is R9, Messi is in the list of the Greatest with Pele, R9 and Maradona

  12. Bro react to Keylor Navas, he's the most followed goalkeeper on social media and one of the most famous players because he came from small teams on central america and got hired by Real Madrid where they won 3 Champions League in a raw (a competition among the top on the list of every european league, it's a tournament played every year with most of the best players of the world and no one wins it even twice in a row, they did it 3 times with cristiano, modric and a team full of stars, maybe the best team ever to be put together) He played both with messi and cristiano and he's a total legend because he's humble. He has been among the top 3 of the world's goalkeepers for more than a decade, which is strange because he's not as tall as what you spect from a goalkeeper, but he matches it with a superhuman agility and reflexes, check it out

  13. There is no american football, basquetball, F1 or tennis or any other sport that has an athlete that can be compared to Messi and what he did in football (mind you, the GREATEST, MOST POPULAR AND COMPETITIVE SPORT of all times)

    He is Michael Jordan, Federer, Schumacher, Alonso, Nadal, Magic Johnson, LeBron, Phelps and Husain Bolt, all convined in one.

    Lionel Messi is not only the best football player that has ever existed.

    He's the GREATEST ATHLETE that has ever walked this world.

  14. If you are looking for other great players to watch I would recommend; Maradona, Pele, Johan Cryuff, The original Ronaldo, Ronaldino, Zidane, Kante, Maldini, Modric. Just imo they are all worthy of a watch. As well as countless others.

  15. I started watching Messi after 2018 WC. My first season watching… 2018-19 Barcelona season was peak Messi, some say, and if not for an away loss to Liverpool, might have been enshrined as another magical season for the club.

  16. Football is the greatest sport on the planet for a reason. American society has programmed people to hate on it because they're insecure about their own sports that require extra bullshit to make them entertaining. Still entertaining but football is the purest team sport in a sense. Basketball is probably second thanks to Michael Jordan. Boxing is kind of like that for individual sports. Just raw talent and athleticism. I think football just embodies the human races.

    Also, Messi played for one team his whole life, until 2 years ago, from 16 years old to 2 years ago he was playing for Barcelona but because of financial rules the team basically couldn't pay him enough so he went to PSG in Paris. Now he finally won a World Cup which was the only trophy he hans't won and Ronaldo will never be able to win which technically answers the debate on who is then GOAT. I love both players but the answer an only be Messi now.

  17. W reaction and yea messi is known world wide for his humbleness he’s not a internet person he doesn’t like being on the internet too much and him and his wife been together since they were little kids she a ride or die been there since day 1 since he was really poor and had a growing disease he had to take growing hormones to grow somewhat normally that’s why he is really short he like 5,7 5,8 somewhere around that I think

  18. I would recommend watching his recent world cup highlights, he is 34, and is older now, he doesnt run so much than before, but when he has the ball its still magical, and he is still the best. He won every trophy their is now with his world cup 2022 title

  19. “Who is Pele?” Man this looking at Pele, Maradona and Ronaldinho and not knowing who they are. Like man these are all time legends. I don’t watch NBA but I know the legends. Get your game straight.

  20. When messi ws with Barcelona in spain and they played their rival in Madrid. 400million tuned in to watch each time. That is as many people as live in both the U.S. and The UK together.

  21. I watch messi every chance i get. But the rest? all just ordinary. I'll go do the dishes. Like that one announcer was saying as he thanked God for letting him watch messi. And do you know how many people watch Messi? He really is a gift from Heaven. Humble, incredibly talented, Game awareness and Intelligence has no comparison. Imaginative, does thing nobody else has ever done. at 35 makes brilliant moves and wonderful goal. Ball control which is basically catching the ball is so nearly perfect. He is a terror on defense. If you dribbling and messi comes at you, he just takes the ball and goes the other way. Every game he passes from one side of the pitch to the other hitting spot on, I mean exact where he intended 5 out of 6 and never bad. His most routine pass is fun to watch cuz he just knows how to pass so accurately. But like I said above. The magic is his Gift. His humility and gratitude absolutely make the magic.

  22. 15:40 when messi shoots, it's not the speed or the power that makes him score, is the precision that makes him score. Sure, he can power kick, but he's more of a tactical player than a hulk smash type of player.

  23. Nothing beats the sight of falling in love with Messi….I live for such moments👌 🐐

  24. The fact that this video has already reached 500k views.. shows who the real GOAT is

  25. We not saying Ronaldo isn't a better player oo he's good by all standard but cannot be compared to Leo…masa unless you don't wanna speak da truth…

  26. the fact that he called it football and american football despite probably never watching an entire football match in his life is respectable

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