Al-Nassr Nutritionist Reveals What Makes Cristiano Ronaldo Look Like a Greek God

Al-Nassr Nutritionist Reveals What Makes Cristiano Ronaldo Look Like a Greek God 1

Cristiano Ronaldo has always been known for his outstanding work ethic and aesthetic physical appearance as the Portuguese trains for hours every day to maintain the same level at 38 years of age. His nutritionist at Al-Nassr has recently revealed a lot about what goes behind the curtains to maintain the levels.

Al-Nassr’s Spanish nutritionist, Jose Blesa talked about how Ronaldo’s routine impressed him from day 1 and reinstated that fact about Cristiano being the first player to come to training and the last to leave even at such age where he is looking at the twilight of his career.

He said: “I haven’t found a more professional footballer than him… He is the first to arrive at training and the last to leave”

The fact that Ronaldo is the hardest trainer in the gym and on the training grounds has been repeatedly said by all his colleagues, managers, and coaching staff throughout his career as the Portuguese worked hard towards becoming one of the best players ever.

Cristiano terminated his contract with Manchester United owing to an explosive interview he did with Piers Morgan. He moved to the Saudi Arabian club Al-Nassr in a move that raised eyebrows.

Jose Blesa added: “I was uncertain, like everyone else, about what it was going to be like to work with him and if the club was going to change a lot”

This move might have surprised many including Blesa but the way Ronaldo has hit the ground running with Al-Nassr, he has surely cast away any doubts about his form and age.

How Cristiano Ronaldo inspires his teammates to improve themselves

It is quite understandable that Ronaldo’s arrival would have had a huge impact on the Al-Nassr players and Jose Blesa has stated that the Portuguese’s arrival has been very positive for his teammates who follow him and try to be better every day.

He said: “The rest of the players do what he does because everything he does is wonderful to improve his performance. Since he has been here, all the players have trained more intensely and followed a stricter diet.”

Jose also revealed how the Al-Nassr players copy Ronaldo’s diet as the former Real Madrid player has a strict nutritious diet to enhance his performance on the field, the players would surely be looking at him as one of the greatest ever and would be relishing this opportunity to learn from him.

It seems like the move to bring Ronaldo to the club is benefitting Al-Nassr not just with his own performances, but also by motivating and inspiring his teammates.


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