A Zlatan Ibrahimovic film, legend

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A Zlatan Ibrahimovic film, legend

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  1. Oh my hypocrite Zlatan, it's a shame that you have allowed yourself to be silenced by the negative-racist Swedes and the childish Swedish media. Take a look around you and the world right now, every little issue affecting the life of the ordinary man on the street is definitely the fault of the politician. So long as there're bad, wicked and devilish politicians going around acting like they're saviours, then someone with a voice will have to stand tall and fight those politicians for the voiceless in society.

    Your father and other people fought and stood up for you when you were a child so that you can have the same equal rights as other children in Sweden. You wouldn't have been where you are today if someone had not negotiated on your behalf, so please stop the hypocrisy and WAKE UP! It's funny how Swedish folk think democracy is being able to walk around free and buying whatever food and clothes they like in the shops. People don't really understand what democracy is in Sweden. There's even more discipline, respect and democracy in North Korea than in Sweden.

    When the game that you like playing was ban because of the pandemic, who do you think took that decision? your mum and dad? People had to wake up and step into the matter to educate the politician on how to bring back the game without problems. Politicians do as they please because they have the power and the security services in their hands. This world would be destroyed in no time if it was left in the hands of politicians – who are being pushed around by those stupid top world organizations.

    Since 1980 until today do you think UNICEF should be going round begging people for money to feed hungry children around the world? Something is definitely not right and that is why WE THE PEOPLE must wake up and use our voices and our strengths for the voiceless in other to fight the injustice in the society and the world at large. Zlatan, wake up from your slumber, you are now becoming a DISAPPOINTMENT!

  2. Covek je primer,kako od nicega postati neko (ne bilo ko nego najbolji),sam sa svojom upornoscu i radom.Nije imao ni primer u porodici "stay hugry that is the key

  3. Every single zlatan motivational video is just not downloadable and I don't know why

  4. That's why he doesn't want to win championships. He wants to win individually, in life in goals and in his soul purpose. Long live Zlatan.

  5. Zlatan sosok yang sangat kuat. mental, fisik, serta semangat untuk menjadi yang terbaik

  6. A Hollivoodic movie should be made out of Zlatan it will break the stores
    His life story is much more interesting even more then messi and ronaldo life story

  7. if you ask zlatan do you want to b god his reply as you no "god wants to b zlatan"

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