A touching interview from Neymar Jr 🎙

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A touching interview from Neymar Jr 🎙

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Source: PSG – Paris Saint-Germain

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  1. நான் தமிழ் மழயாளம் பேசும் பெண்ணோடு

  2. We all know that Neymar is a very inspiring man he has lived a tough but he has stayed strong and followed his dream 💖
    NeymarJr inspires me so much he is my idol and favourite footballer (his son and family are also amazing)
    I've done every challenge to show my friends that I'm Neymars biggest fan ❤️
    I've said his name for a whole day and I have showed him all my love ⚽
    I hope to meet u one day you are the goat I love you so much Neymar🇧🇷🇧🇷

  3. Neymar fe eu tenho que brunamarq.vs.vao voltar juntos.e logo q.acontecer a volta da bruna com vs.liga para minha pessoa para nos 3 se ver pessoalmente avise a neymar

  4. Hey I loved the interview I'm a girl I am 13years old olive in Kenya in Africa I love your tricks one day I want to be more I'm also a Muslim girl I want to be the first Muslim girl hope you read this

  5. I think god has planned something big for him , but it takes time and time for him to come back strongly.

  6. We need more interviews like these from these amazing rootballers/sportmen…loved this so much❤️

  7. நான் ஜானுவிடம் கேட்பது என்னைக் கேள் என்று நெய்மார் சொல்வது

  8. É aquela jornalista loirinha bonitinha do PSG que está entrevistando ele? 😏🤭

  9. Удивительно трогательный человек.

  10. Social media presence is a double-edged sword for Neymar… He has 220 MILLION followers on Instagram, so clearly fans all over social media love Neymar. In contrast, his meme or gif of him rolling on the ground that went viral on social media is his pitfall. Social media makes Neymar's reputation rise, but also brings upon his downfall. However, if you show any footballer fan or even Neymar-haters this video, everybody would agree that this man absolutely loves the game and is a humble star. He worked for everything he has today.

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