A brief history of Supreme’s extremely hyped forays into watches

Last week, Supreme launched its latest campaign featuring Youngboy Never Broke Again – and eagle-eyed watch fans quickly spotted a gorgeous Patek-Philippe Aquanaut strapped to his left wrist. Sadly, this wasn’t a tease for an official collaboration between Supreme and Patek, but the mainstay of streetwear do have a long and distinguished history dabbling in the world of watchmaking.

From its humble origins on New York’s Lafayette Street in 1994, Supreme has brought its effortless, skate-inspired perspective to a surprisingly wide array of partnerships – pasting its iconic red logo on everything from Honda dirt bikes and speedo swimming goggles has Louis Vuitton Duffel Bags And Burberry jackets. Naturally, a number of watch companies have entered the Supreme universe over the years to wild and hype-inducing effect.

Whether you’re a streetwear boss, a watch geek or somewhere in between, we’ve rounded up all of Supreme’s entries into the watch space, including ties to Seiko, Timex and Jacob & Co., chronologically listed . Hopefully we have reason to add to it soon.

Supreme x Rolex (sort of) Submariner Ref. 114060

Released: 2013

Befitting Supreme’s subversive and outward roots, one of its earliest forays into the world of watches was an unauthorized spin on a “Maxi” case Submariner. Bearing Supreme’s infamous “FUCK EM” slogan printed in red on the dial, a tribute to the “Red Line Submarines and Sea-Dwellers of the late 20th century and beyond – only a small handful were made for friends of the mark. Unsurprisingly, when one recently surfaced on the resale market, it came with a six-figure price tag.

Supreme x TAG Heuer Pocket Pro Stopwatch

Released: 2018

Source link: https://www.gq.com/story/supreme-watch-collaborations

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