100 ALIEN Moments By Lionel Messi

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100 ALIEN Moments By Lionel Messi

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  1. El más grande de todos los tiempos. No habrá nadie como el. Puedo morir tranquilo que gracias a dios nací en la era donde no existió nadie mejor que el y no va a existir.

  2. Que impresionante…!!!
    Es increíble como juega Messi

  3. If you wanna make thousands of alien moment you can because he's every touches is mindblowing

  4. I honestly feel bad for those who play against messi. they should be given a goal in favour at the start of the game to make it fairer

  5. Messi is like the one guy at school who everybody wants on their team cause they know they win when they have him, the goat just doin this against the best teams/players in the world….what a legend!

  6. Ronaldo membutuhkan 1 tahun untk di jadikan highlight dribble nya, messi hanya membutuhkan 1 pertandingan saja

  7. Genuinely don't understand how someone can watch this and still think there is a better player out there.

  8. I mean … Is there any doubt? HE WAS FUCKING BORN TO DO THIS.


  9. No no hay forma es increible lo que hace gambetear a mil kilometros por ora …. no no no se puede esta tocado por Dios …

  10. Lionel Messi is one of the greatest players, but I cannot ignore the low skilled performance of some of his opponents i these clips. Watching some of those defenders makes me think this is amateur league. Clowns!

  11. anyone who thinks Messi needed a wc to be crowned as the best nr10 ever to play the game of football at that level should start following badminton instead (with all due respect to people who genuinely like playing badminton)

  12. 3:47 ese pase lo conozco jeje. Exactamente igual al pase que devino en el gol contra países flacos je, prueba innegable que no fue de casualidad, un genio

  13. And Messi saying in a interview… it was not me, it was god who gave me this gift. And i just tried to do my best.

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