10 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started ‘Starfield’

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It’s not very often that I write one of these first advice articles after 90 hours of gameplay on the second day of launch, but here we are. Star Field is a huge game, but it’s also a game that doesn’t explain much, and it can put up big walls at first, discouraging some players.

I think there are a lot of things that can make it easier for you while you play, and no, no story spoilers here, don’t worry. Here are ten things I wish I knew when I started Starfield:

1. You can completely change your appearance later

I know a lot of people are going to spend an hour or three in the character creator perfecting every inch of the explorer they’re going to spend the next hundred hours with. Luckily, Bethesda has listened to the feedback and has already implemented a way that allows you to completely change your appearance. Don’t just get a haircut, but change your entire face, your gender and even your name. But not your story or your character traits. This is done in a store called “Enhance! » which you will see in most major cities, including New Atlantis, Neon, and Paradiso. It costs between 500 and 700 credits and is a breeze.

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2. Max Jetpack First

I’ll probably talk about “best skills” later, but a lot of them are obviously build dependent, depending on what kind of playstyle you’re looking for. Either way, I recommend maxing out your jetpack first. By the end, you’ll use almost no fuel and can basically chain jump with it forever. This is not only good for jumping around during combat, but it also helps get around the game’s horrible oxygen restrictions, as you can sort of jump along the landscape saving O2 once you have maximized this advantage.

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3. Health Regen is worth the investment

This is the last row of the physics tree, and if you’re a stealth/hacker/ship captain you might not want to do this, but trust me, only use med packs and beds to replenish your health will become incredibly boring. . Regardless of your build, I think it’s worth spending the points in this section to eventually reach restoration and get that health regen, as you can fill your entire bar in about 20 seconds at max level once you you are no longer ready. fight for any length of time. It’s worth it.

4. The best traits

I wrote this yesterday in a separate articlebut the main three I chose are: Wanted, which gives you a constant stream of bounty hunters chasing you for XP and loot, Empath, which improves your companion’s combat abilities as long as you don’t you’re not a huge jerk, and Extrovert, where if you’re traveling with a companion, which is most people, you use less oxygen, which is very important.

5. The best first ship

This will also be a separate article that will be posted later today, but here are the basics. Your first ship is trash. You can upgrade it and invest money in it, but I wouldn’t mind. You will definitely have problems in space combat with him. However, if you do the Freestar quest, which will be accessible after resolving a hostage situation with Sam Coe when you arrive in New Akila at the start of the main story, you will be recruited to join the Freestar Rangers. Without going into the content of the main quest, you complete the whole thing and get a much better ship at the end (the ship is not part of the story). Do this.

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6. Two ways to do the main quest

This one is tricky. There are two tips here on how to approach the main quest. One thing I would agree with everyone on is don’t avoid it like you would in Skyrim or Fallout. There are things you get in the main quest that will make exploring more fun (like this ship), so I would follow it to some extent. The dichotomy is that some people say to rush the main quest, do NG+ then start doing the side content. My advice is not to do that. I’ll do as much side content as possible and would like to play around with the building systems and such for a long time. New Game Plus will clear all of this but you will keep your skill points. I just regretted doing NG+ when I still had so many unfinished quests that I should find. I only started NG+ last night after 80 hours because I was starting to run out of things to do. NG+ is heavily story-related, so I can’t really go much further, but my advice is to max out your first playthrough in every way, then do it.

7. Empty planets cannot be empty

You will find many planets that seem to be duds. You look at them on the map, there’s nothing there. However, this is not always true. First, some planets won’t reveal POIs until you scan them. Second, it often happens that you find a random POI that was worth landing at a random location (and you can land anywhere on a planet except the ocean). You can find a legendary weapon from an outpost leader or a stationed pirate ship that you can take control of. The only time I really leave a planet instantly is if I land in two places and there are no buildings or wildlife and the only thing to do is clearly scan rocks and natural formations (although scanning an entire planet can still net you some good XP. ).

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8. Scanners do two important things

Speaking of scanners, while it’s pretty clear that you can use it to scan objects in the world, from loot to resources, it also does two important things. First, it’s a fast travel system. You can rotate into a city or planet, look at your ship and press E (I don’t know what the console button is) and teleport straight into it. The same goes for the POIs you discovered. But not only that, you can also travel to different planets or moons by pointing your scanner at them and activating it. The second thing is that if you have an objective that you can walk towards, you can open your scanner and blue arrows will be on the ground leading to a path to that point, which is easy to miss.

9. Place outpost beacons to “save” planets

You can build a number of bases around the galaxy, but I would also recommend using the beacon system to just “rescue” a planet or moon if that’s cool or useful. It may be tedious or too expensive to build a full base there, but what I would do is at least place a beacon and a mission board. A beacon means you can see the planet on the largest map of the galaxy and warp to it instantly. The bounty table means you can participate in ship/enemy hunts in the area, which is useful for credit/farming equipment areas if you don’t want to randomly explore to find them. One use of this is that I “saved” a planet with a group of high-level hostile wildlife that I could periodically return to hunt because they gave me a lot of XP. Or you might want to save a beautiful planet that you want to build a huge base on when you can afford it.

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10. Pay attention to goods when exchanging ships

The way Starfield handles merchandise is strange. Once you start getting cluttered, you’ll want to throw items into your ship (to do this, you need to open a screen in the cockpit, or bring up the menu and press F). But different ships have different holds. My ship may have 2000 cargo spaces and my other 500. But when you swap your original ships you will swap all your cargo, and if you had used 1500/2000 in the first ship you now have 1500/500 on your current ship, and you can’t put anything new into it at all. The two ways to alleviate this problem are to add more cargo space to your ship, which adds weight, or to build bases with storage space to hold certain things in place of your ship. There is also a way to transfer items directly from your ship to your base, but I haven’t really figured out how to do it. But it’s possible.

I’ll probably have ten more tips later. Appreciate!

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