🚨Xavi Will Make NO SIGNINGS For Barcelona In January: Who Will Be In Barcelona’s Starting 11?

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🚨Xavi Will Make NO SIGNINGS For Barcelona In January: Who Will Be In Barcelona’s Starting 11?

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  1. I hope Ferran Torres will be kicked out the team. Had enough time and didn't prove anything. Torre or bring bag Jutgla ! Xavi is blind with this love for Spain nationality. Ferran was a mistake.

  2. I have to defend dembele cause as good as mbappe was, he didn't defend. Dembele did defend (although poorly) but he did track back.

  3. Busquet should not be renewed even for 1 day. I hope he will not accept the proposal. The guy was good but now, he can't even defend at all, he has become as slow as a snail.

  4. Dembele is not a defender.he shouldn't be ordered to defend or play defensively.we/he should play to his strength:ATTACK
    there is no way you can compare dembele to raphinha,no way raphinha played better than dembele in the world cup….YOU ARE A JOKE FOR SAYING THAT.Perhaps your words should be that he defended better and that lead Brazil nowhere,reason why they went out.they didn't have enough creativity and speed in attack.dembele was a far better attacker and winger and that's his job in a team

  5. I thought kounde and dembele partnership in the WC was one of the best right sides in it until the final. Argentina exposed their weaknesses by playing Di Maria in the left wing. Xavi should put kounde as cb along with araujo. As for dembouz, I pray that his performance in the final doesn’t shatter his confidence after the progress he made at Barca.

  6. If this Barcelona was national team, it could win any competition. The problem is the players don’t give themselves the same way they do for their countries.

  7. Why not a midfield with Pedri, Gavi, Frankie.

    It’s a shame that you didn’t put Depay on the left side, Ansu Fati is a hype so far.

  8. How I don't like the midfield because if we remember our lest too games we ha lost the midfield was the problem I think if you start freaking de Jong is better then starting busquet if not start freaking de Jong and kessie as the too blocks midfield and pedri as attacking midfield AM

  9. the only we can look out for is cases of freeloading

    moukoko : i have mixed feelings but i do still think he wants to come this way regardless
    yamal : we are basically lucky that we [only] have him

    maybe emre-demir if good enough

    casado progressing rapidly what if


    and what take back from-that
    i recommend either martial 🤌
    or 🇺🇾 pellistri i seee allot in him….such a worker
    will not only compliment us him
    but all the beauty’s are going to happen most definitely

  11. kessie » b.silva 🤨

    or… i think i’m developing a skill :
    what if we give kessie to napoli if they want and we want. what this means is we just give it to them immediately and the deal is they give us kvara that we have to buy for 25 million but get the time to do so but if they agree for kessie they must let kvara go to barca as soon as 2025 strikes. it meant that we–allowed them [napoli] to have kvara sticking around with them up until that moment all the way
    okay now judge me

  12. the rumours got me like…

    kanté is smart and tekky-cdm. it will be a fine fine addition.

    basically two gavi’s is too much for any team. that could be it 💢

  13. Torres seems to not be filling his potential. It always feels like he doesn't have the mental strength in big games.

  14. in my wildest assessment purely based on feelings 😶‍🌫️

    i would say these are maybe the most desired midfielders secretly : Ounahi x Laimer
    and if…just…we could have both of them suddenly added to our club… we’ll have the finest midfield line-up we could possibly have

    + the finest midfielder is LovroMajer 💯

    and Barca.B establishing : bernabé x morrison
    that would bring stability to that squad + we have the right backups for when first team needs someone that week in time

  15. i would without hesitation 💋
    loan PabloTorre out to Leverkusen
    or get kamada if desired : then offer his club our–player for loan

    torre really does not want to be a stuck backup it simply seems

  16. i rather see fun football again
    my only priority as for currently
    🌜 Felix and Kvara 🌛

    • felix wants out so hoping relations are good and felix just wants his next top club and just accepts barça type contract given
    or, you know felix might aswel also just desires that the current coach leaves so he has possibility to be free from now on
    • by pulling off kvara i think giving ez.abde in this exchange deal thing makes sense (also hoping that we can put a buyback in there)

    For Reminder

  17. CDM 😮‍💨

    barca seem to act anxious
    by now just let clubs be generous and let [busquets replacement] be brought by loan for half a season
    to try them out

    it’s such a big deal to get us someone to fill that exact cdm spot. i almost just know they aren’t certain which one is the closest to the ideal replacement, eventually they gonna be like ‘we think we do’
    alright… just loan that one and see how it performs
    you haven’t really lost anything this way

  18. …i wanna talk about mbappe and barça… 🐸
    i feel decisively strong about this now although it’s strangely coming about

    we have to start to tease mbappe for barcelona. i hope that the club get’s this and manages to go ahead with it. and we have a role in this i think, to keep bringing it up each season.

    the ideal thing is at the end of his contract that he thanks his current bosses and shared his wishes to just enter our club stress free and live another dream and to do a conquest from there on

    …and there’s something about him being in the last year or even earlier of his contract and switch to us by a easy swap between him and dembele
    about this dembele I’m starting to find/say near certain that he’s what he is and that his inconsistency not only in performance but in his game meaning his own level fades away from him for a moment [occasionally] which is also detrimental and a cause for our dissatisfaction rightfully so and how we get really tight from it and deeply unpleased. another statement is to derive from sensing that it ain’t gonna change. this is who he is this is what he brings. this is gonna continue …I’m serious and I’m not having it. after such analyses why not find something better for his place and let’s part ways. he appears to be a killer {the bee without the sting or even without that thing} but ay i don’t see it so he ain’t one, and this is really bad [deal] for a distinguished team that is ours. dembele on auto-pilot isn’t the kind we see no more hence I’m not voting for this version
    he can do beautiful things for that club in that french competition and find his rhythm and get his rhythm from this team
    …or selling him to FC Chelsea is what really really interests me I just know this one is his one he’s a match for them and they are a match for him not even needed to be impactful he just fits that type of team go get your legend status there
    by this the amount that our club got from this transfer deal is useful to fund mbappe in any way reasonably~managed but there’s still funding needed

  19. Honestly, after the World Cup final, you clearly noticed that Kounde is not a right-back, he played terribly and couldn't even keep a 34-year-old Di Maria under control and was never available offensively. Kounde should play much more as a centre-back. I think Sergio Roberto was playing very well at right-back until he got injured, why don't we give him a chance and let him play in that position. With Balde I think he should play, but Alba should play the really important games because Alba is much more experienced and calmer than Balde. Unfortunately, Balde is sometimes extremely nervous and then makes careless mistakes. Alba has also played world class in the World Cup. Busquets shouldn't play regular games anymore because he's just too slow and not good enough anymore. Xavi should finally learn to let go of Busquets and let Frenkie play in this position because Frenkie is one of the best midfielders in the world and would play very well in that position. It's just a shame when you bench frenkie because he's way too good.

  20. Dude… Why you are breathing a lot these days during the video … Please go and have an urgent check up with a specialized doctor!!!!

  21. let’s be honest… ferran and ansu were terrible during the world cup. ferran only played well against costa rica. nico williams was probably spains most dangerous attacker

  22. I’m excited for the next part of the season. Especially because other competitions will allow for young player to get some minutes

  23. am disapointed u picked Gavi over Frankie. Barca does not deserve frankie. Gavim is not bad buh frankie is better

  24. Kevin why don’t we focus much on Frankie rather than Sergio because Sergio will leave soon that is my problem now we should give Sergio less time

  25. I would NEVER sign for that club were I a player, they are in such a mess😂😂😂😂😂

  26. It doesn't make sense to renew Busquet for even 1 Day. His legs are tired to play in ANY intensive match. He failed Barca against Madrid, Inter, Baryern etc. Every match with intensity Barca played this season Busquet dissappointed and was substituted. Xavi should stop this politics with Busquet extention he is disturbing the board with.

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